5th international Innovation for All event

At Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture on 12th and 13th of May, learn how to leverage the innovation power of inclusive design – with a discount for BEDA members.

The theme of the conference is everyday technology, active ageing, ed-tech and innovation in private and public sector. Through inspirational lectures and workshops led by international experts on people-centred design, you learn how inclusive design methodology can be used as a strategy for sustainable innovation.

This year, among others, Johan Brand, CEO of Kahoot!, will talk about how Kahoot became a global success in ed-tech by using cutting edge gaming technology creatively combined with a people-centred and inclusive design approach. The Japanese product designer and professor Keiji Kawahara will talk about how globally-renowned brands such as Toyota, Panasonic and Toto see inclusive design as a people-centred strategy for business and innovation, presenting examples from households products to advanced robot technology.

Andrea Siodmok, from Policy Lab at the UK Government’s Cabinet Office will discuss how people-centred and inclusive design methodology can support innovation in the public sector and will present inspiring examples and cases from the UK.

Innovation for All is a biennial event at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, in partnership with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art in London. The conference is relevant to business, private and public sector, academia and the design and architecture industry.

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