4 Saint-Etienne SDAY winners in Shenzhen!

Saint-Etienne, UNESCO City of Design, has participated in the 3rd edition of Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents (SDAY) organised by SDPA in autumn 2017. Since the creation of this award in 2013, the Cité du design promoted the award amongst local young designers, organised a local jury, which allowed Saint-Etienne to win four awards in total in January 2018 , as in 2013 and 2015: 

- 1 Merit Award for Professionals: Studio Captain Ludd (Juliana Gotilla, Paul Buros , Martin Guillaumie)  projects Place du Coq  [project developed within the programme Human Cities] and Pixel Dormoy (social design)

- 2 New Star Awards for ESADSE students :
Annabel Bonnard & Clémentine Mechri: artisanal knives Sakku  
Earvin Epistolin : project Caresses (prospective tools for hand-pollination)

- 1 Best nominator Award: Cité du design

The theme of 2017 competition” Craftsmanship : the Spirit of Design” was interpreted by Saint-Etienne designers through a variety of projects dealing with experimentation, social design, transmission of know-how and future living conditions. It was a great honour for Saint-Etienne to see the talent of its young designers being rewarded by a jury of international professional designers amongst 260 applicants from 21 creative cities.

Martin Guillaumie, designer from Captain Ludd studio, Earvin Epistolin, ESADSE student, Isabelle Verilhac and Camille Vilain from Cité du design were invited to Shenzhen to participate in the award events from 5 to 8 February 2018.

They attended the SDAY Award Ceremony in the brand-new Design Society Museum and the opening of the SDAY exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition (MOCAPE). For the designers, it was a great  opportunity to meet the other young awarded talents from Puebla, Detroit, Dundee, Turin, and China, while discovering the creative landscape of Shenzhen. They also exchanged about the topics of cities development during a visit and conference at the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism & Architecture, with a very interesting focus on Urban Village and Global South habitat architecture.  During the award events, the Cité du design announced that Chinese UNESCO Creative Cities of Design would be the Guest Cities of Honour at its next Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2019. 

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