Call for entries to Top Innovation Award 2017

This year the grand Award Ceremony of Top Innovation Award (TIA 2017) is going to be held during WIDC2017 (10 to 15 December, 2017). China Industrial Design Association (CIDA) and World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) hereby sincerely invite you to self-recommend or recommend other relevant organizations, institutions, companies or individuals to participate in TIA 2017 selection.

The Top Innovation Award (TIA) goes back to 1980 when the “Selection of National Outstanding Product Design” was hosted by China Industrial Design Association (CIDA). So far, the award program for China’s industrial design has gone through the course of 37 years and progressively developed into a globally oriented one. TIA focuses on design power contributed significantly to the sustainable development of the world. This year, with the great support of UNIDO and Chinese government, TIA and WIDC2017 will be highly integrated with a speedy pace of internationalization.

TIA is divided into ten categories, including Top Design Contributor, Top Outstanding Designer, Top Original Design Brand, Top Design Service Platform, Top Innovative Design Province & City, Top Chief Design Officer (CDO), Top Design Company, Top Enterprise Design Center, Top Design Education Institution, and Top Ecological Design.

Now the relevant policies and documents of TIA have been issued. Your recommendations or self-recommendations are very welcomed. Please fill in the application form and attach pictures (if any) and submit to Organizing Committee of WIDC before 25 October, 2017.

You will find more details from below attachments:

1. Formal Notice;

2. Application Forms for TIA-ten categories.