Finnish design industry outlook remains positive

The Ornamo design industry survey, carried out in June of this year, shows that the sector continues to engage positively with technology. The survey attracted responses from 140 Finnish design sector businesses.

According to the results, the majority of businesses in the sector see digital technology as an opportunity, although respondents are also aware of the threat it poses to traditional craft skills. Nearly half of all respondents reported that the introduction of new digital technologies had had a positive impact on their bottom line.

The survey also found that turnover growth remains positive, with 61% of respondents reporting a year-on-year rise. Just five per cent reported a drop in turnover. This shows a clear shift within the industry, as last year nearly a quarter of respondents said they had seen a reduction in their turnover.

New levels of confidence across the sector are reflected in the industry’s enthusiasm for seeking opportunities for business growth. In the 2017 survey, more than 10% of all respondents were strongly growth-driven, while more than 60% reported that they would pursue opportunities available to them, outstripping the SME sector average.