Furniture Design: Learning from the Italian Experience is launching the first edition of its Master course in Furniture Design. The Master will offer an educational pathway that fully immerses participants in Italy's design culture, taught by professors and experienced first-hand by students.

The furniture industry is undergoing a profound transformation and therefore companies are reconsidering their product ranges, their presence in international market, their distribution channels, and even their product and brand communication. All this requires a strong upgrading of the skills of designers and their ability to relate to added value building.

The Master is based on the capacity of Italian companies working in the furniture industry, to use design as a fundamental lever of competitive advantage and a structural element of corporate culture. The core of the program is focused on the knowledge that is generated from the advantageous relationships between the Italian production system and the network of professions involved in design. The Master sets its cultural roots in the “Italian model” of rapport between enterprise and design, while also aiming to develop new knowledge in innovation, responding to the challenges created by technological, social and market changes. The program’s structure takes on a systemic vision of the role of design in furniture industry, teaming new fields of interest to a more traditional focus on product development, along with the growing importance of brands and its tangible and intangible elements of expression.

The Master course intends to form designers who know the most advanced models of relationship among product development processes, market dynamics and technological developments. It also intends to complete the training of professionals in R&D, marketing and brand management in the furniture sector, offering them a better understanding of design management skills as a lever to create a competitive advantage.

The program trains students for the following roles in the Furniture Industry:

  • R&D Managers; 
  • Designers or Leaders in Product Development Teams;
  • Product Engineers or technical experts in the design of furnishing elements;
  • Product Portfolio Managers;
  • Design Managers or Art/Design Directors;
  • Communication and Brand Managers.

The all-comprehensive fee for the Specializing Master are € 12.500,00.

The first edition of the Master will start in November 2018 and will end in November 2019.

The application must be submitted to within October 5, 2018.
Non-EU citizens residing abroad with a foreign Degree must send the documents at least 30 days before the application deadline mentioned before.

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