German Design Award 2018 – Jil Sander Receives Personality Prize

Jil Sander, one of the most influential fashion designers of our time, is set to receive the 2018 German Design Award’s Personality Prize. The jury states: “Jil Sander is one of the few designers who have managed to always stay ahead of the times. In her work, art and design are inseparable. Her approach to design is radical and resolute; her collections are minimalist, clean and timelessly modern — set apart from all trends. It is perhaps for this reason that she has become an icon that manages to stick around through each and every contemporary shift in design.”

“Jil Sander stands not only for iconic fashion, but for everything that makes outstanding design what it is: precise craftsmanship, identity, power of innovation, and the ability to transform”, said German Design Council CEO Andrej Kupetz, commenting on the award. “User centricity was already alive and well in her clothing at a time when the leading voices in design were still dreaming about it. For over 45 years, and while representing a range of labels, Sander has managed to confront a form of design centred wholly around the individual.”

The German Design Award is proud to announce a record number of entries and an all-time high in international participation. The number of participants in the Product and Communications Design category exceeded 5,000 this year. Products and projects were submitted from 56 countries, with international submissions growing to 48% of all entries. The international jury, consisting of representatives from the fields of economy, science and design, worked hard to produce a selection of especially outstanding designs. In the competition’s 49 categories, a total of 45 gold prizes were awarded.

All winners of the 2018 German Design Award are showcased online at: