Jil Sander receives the ‘Personality’ prize of the German Design Awards 2018

Jil Sander, one of the most influential fashion designers of our time, is to receive the 2018 German Design Award’s Personality Prize. The jury states: "Jil Sander is one of the few designers who have managed to always stay ahead of the times. In her work, art and design are inseparable. Her approach to design is radical and resolute; her collections are minimalist, clean, contemporary and timeless — independent of all trends. It is perhaps for this reason that she has become an icon who remains relevant through all of the shifts in design over the years."

Jil Sander will accept the prize in person at the Awards Ceremony, taking place at the Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt on 9 February 2018.

The German Design Award is the premium international award of the German Design Council. It aims to discover, showcase and reward unique trends in product and communication design across all sectors and disciplines.

In addition to the honorary ‘Personality’ award, the German Design Awards also include Newcomer Awards, endowed with cash prizes. 

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