Specializing Master Strategic Design

Strategic Design is a design activity that concerns the Product Service System, i.e. the integrated body of products, services and communication strategies that either an actor or a network of actors generate and develop to create value.

It is often claimed that technological innovation, cultural and economic globalization, and the transition to environmental sustainability generate problems and opportunities. It is also repeatedly stated that the possibility to avoid the former and to exploit the latter requires the development of three core skills: visioning, sensing innovation and creating solutions embedded in new business models. This unique meeting of design and company strategy: strategic design.

The Specializing Master in Strategic Design is aimed at students and professionals who want to redirect their professional careers and at young designers who wish to learn innovation management and business administration skills, and young professionals and managers interested in understanding the culture and work practices of how design determines business strategies.

The educational objective of the Specializing Master is to produce experts and consultants capable of carrying out a design and management role in the innovation process of the product-system. In particular, the programme proposes training on integration of product, services and communication components and developing specific skills aimed at improving the overall process quality (that is, production methods and contexts) and that of the results (that is, that of the actual and perceived quality) that set the cultural identity characteristics, sensoriality and sustainability of the designed solutions.

The Specializing Master programme seeks to:
• develop strategic planning skills in terms of problem-setting and problem-solving;
• develop personal entrepreneurship aptitude;
• develop complexity management skills;
• develop competencies to generate corporate visions;
• acquire management skills for strategic design projects;
• acquire the necessary tools to communicate strategic design projects.

The twentieth edition of the Master will start October 22, 2018.

The application form must be submitted to formazione@polidesign.net within September 20th, 2018. Non-EU citizens residing abroad with a foreign Degree must send the documents at least 30 days before the application deadline mentioned before.

More information: https://www.polidesign.net/en/mds