Urban Interior Design

Design the public living spaces in contemporary cities! Join the Specializing Master in Urban Interior Design, starting in November 2018 at Politecnico di Milano!

The Master in Urban Interior Design is a programme dedicated to the development of specific skills in the design of public spaces in contemporary cities trough theory, research, design and practice. The course aims at focusing on the links joining together all the elements of a city, from open spaces to symbolic places with which a community identifies itself.

Urban interior design adopts a complex approach to the design of public spaces, taking into account both the container (i.e. the built shape, showing specific formal, dimensional, perceptual properties, etc.) and the content (i.e. the activities which are planned there, whether permanent or temporary; spontaneous usage; events; etc.).   

The Master in Urban Interior Design works on the value of the quality of the public space in men’s and women’s life, a quality that expresses the cultural depth of the community that created it. We live in cities and systems of cities. Alone and with many others. We are pedestrians, drivers, citizens, tourists, inhabitants, foreigners, and unexpected users. We are living in a time of unprecedented urban and demographic growth. We must take the challenge of giving real shape to those complex spaces housing the new collective life.

The Master in Urban Interior Design deals with the complexity of contemporary urban interior spaces investigating the various fields of action and design, at different stages and with appropriate tools.

In particular, lectures, workshops and projects will develop the following topics:

  • Contemporary urban interior: design and semantic
  • Public space and social engagement: processes and actions
  • Equipment and furniture, materials and technologies
  • Communication, identity and territory: city branding and narrative design
  • Events and temporary settings

The fourth edition of the Master will start in November 2018.

More information available at: https://polidesign.net/it/urbaninteriordesign