BEDA Board

The BEDA board consists of a minimum of five and up to 11 board members comprising a President, a Vice-President and up to 9 other individuals. The Board select two of their number to each serve as Treasurer and Secretary.

The Treasurer is responsible for drafting the annual budget, proposing the annual membership fees, proposing other levies and monitoring the day-to-day financial operations of the association. The Secretary is the guardian of BEDA’s Constitution and Bylaws and ensures that the correct procedures are observed at all times.

BEDA board members are elected by and from the BEDA membership. They serve a two-year term and can stand for re-election for an additional two consecutive terms. Voting takes place at BEDA’s annual General Assembly. General Assemblies are hosted by a member organisation each year.

Should a vacancy arise for whatever reason, the Board can co-opt another member to fill the gap but they must stand for election at the next meeting of the General Assembly at which Board elections are conducted.

In addition to the General Assembly each year, the Board meet a further three times to conduct the business of BEDA. Board meetings are usually hosted by members to coincide with design-related events taking place in the host country.

Contact BEDA  Koloniënstraat 56, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) t. (+32) 2 217 39 77  f. (+32) 2 217 99 72
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