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Design Effectiveness Awards 2018 Ceremony

Policy Labs: What is the future of design for policy-making?

Free Info Session WORTH - A European project to support designers

ICONIC CONFERENCES – The conference series of the German Design Council

4th European Creativity Festival Imagineering Creative Intelligence

European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture exhibition

Estonian Design exhibition “Size doesn’t matter!”

Season 9 Kick-off & Screening "The Happy Film"

General Assembly of the EIP-SCC: "Towards a Joint Investment Programme for Smart Cities"

V Encuentro Nacional de Asociaciones de Diseño

EU Design Days 2017: “The Next Step”

Workshop Human Cities/ Challenging the City Scale 2016-2018

Exhibition Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale

Design4Innovation Workshop 3: Good practices in financial support

Circular Design @OSCEdays

BEDA European Design Forum

Design Innovation Europe II congress

IDZ partner on design conference in Warsaw

5th international Innovation for All event

Printeriors 2016

Tourism-ID Cooperation Roundtable

Innovation Coffee Morning at PDR