Measuring Design Value

Measuring Design Value

Mission: Building on the legacy of €Design (EDII project), the Cluster is aimed at continuing influencing the EC / Eurostat and the OECD on the need of including design in the EU Innovation Statistics (as the CIS, Community Innovation Survey) beyond the consideration of its impact in aesthetics, but as the integrator of functional, emotional and social utilities, and at influencing the next revisions of Oslo (2005) and Frascati (2002) Manuals and the role of design in them.

Cluster News and Events

Commission releases its first Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor
Published In: News | 06/07/2017

On 6 July, the European Commission will release the first ever edition of the 'Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor', a new tool providing...

European Design Report
Published In: News | 27/04/2017

Ten years ago the first European Design Report, which collects national facts and figures from 27 European countries, was compiled by...

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