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1 October 2013
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EDI_LogoEagerly awaited, last week the European Commission published the Action Plan for Design-Driven Innovation. Mr Antti Valle officially launched the action plan on Thursday 26th September at ERRIN Design Days 2013 in the Flemish Parliament, in which a number of BEDA members participated. This Commission staff working document is the culmination of significant efforts by BEDA and its members to enhance the strategic value of design within the EU innovation policy agenda. It represents a further step along the road to holistically integrating design into EU policies and funding programmes.

There are three key areas for action to accelerate the take-up of design in innovation policy:
1. Promoting understanding of design’s impact on innovation;
2. Promoting design-driven innovation in industries to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness;
3. Promoting the adoption of design to drive renewal in the public sector.

The action plan announces upcoming initiatives and programmes in which design will be included such as the European Design Innovation Platform, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and COSME. The action plan also highlights the work of BEDA partners already involved in the European Design Innovation Initiative. BEDA is committed to supporting the European Commission in implementing the objectives of the action plan.

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