BEDA reacts: EU rules on Public Procurement

17 February 2014
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BEDA_SqLogoBEDA’s reaction to new EU Rules on Public Procurement

The new rules on Public Procurement in the EU, adopted by the European Parliament on January 15th, include an encouraging emphasis on lowering thresholds for SMEs, by reducing administrative burdens, by discouraging unnecessary clustering and by encouraging the division of large contracts into smaller lots. Although BEDA welcomes this as a fresh and positive approach, it also regrets that none of the issues addressed in the BEDA Positioning Paper on Public Procurement are touched by the new Rules.

The basic constraints with and main complaints of designing for national governments are still:

• the increasing habit of including an unpaid or poorly paid creative pitch in the process
• the automatic claiming up front of all Intellectual Property Rights
• the obstruction of procedure and process to both national and EU innovation ambitions.

For more in-depth explanation check the full text BEDA's Positioning Paper on Public Procurement: click here

EU rules on Public Procurement

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