Poland secure 10 billion in EU funds

12 September 2015
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8 16Poland secure €10 billion in EU funds for design innovation support programme.

Consultation with Poland’s community of designers has resulted in up to €10 billion of EU funding being made available for R&D and innovation activity.

The Polish economy has to become more creative, generating ideas and innovations in order to ensure its development and competitiveness on the international markets. The governmental strategy coincides with the plans of the European Commission, taking into account Design Leadership Board and BEDA recommendations concerning design. BEDA's work in lobbying for design for almost half a century has played a role in making the connection between design and innovation explicit and accepted, and has thus indirectly supported access to funds available for design.

This development will enable the use of a large portion of the EU funds obtained by Poland in the period 2014-20 to support research, development and innovation. With the support of entrepreneurs, scientists and social partners, a list of the priority disciplines for the development of innovative activities was created. These disciplines, called Smart Specializations, are point of reference for the distribution of support funds for the entrepreneurs. Initially, 18 National Smart Specializations were created.

As a result of government consultations with the community of designers (including BEDA members SPFP) and other creative industries, the decision about the 19th Smart Specialization (Smart Creative Specializations, referring to design, multimedia and computer games) was made. In agreement with the EC, the Smart Development Operational Programme was approved; this is the main support tool for the most important pro-innovative activities. It envisages the allocation of expenditure to finance the development of new solutions, research work and to obtain counselling, including in the area of design.

In the framework of the Smart Development Operational Programme, around €10 billion has been allocated to support R & D + I, via public and private funds
Funding for such activities will also be possible to obtain from other sources, including within the framework of regional operational programmes (approximately €77 billion) and the Eastern Poland Programme (€144 million).
This is a huge amount, never before spent on such a scale in Poland on support for innovation, including design. This opens up a huge opportunity for the Polish economy. It is also a great opportunity for Polish design. The question is whether advantage will be taken of this opportunity. Both the list of National Smart Specializations and their records are not definitively established. They will be periodically reviewed and continued support for them will result from the evaluation of completed activities.

Michal Stefanowski SPFP/BEDA
The Association of Industrial Designers in Poland (SPFP)

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