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In 2010 the Estonian Association of Designers brought together European designers (including the Cité du Design), Tallinn city officials, the Chamber of Estonian Disabled People, lecturers and students from Estonian and French design schools, to create concepts for a single vision: Tallinn for All.

This fell under the heading of the “Design for All” movement, which aims to create more accessible and functional cities in a measureable, solution-oriented way.

The results were clearly defined design solutions, which made their debut during the European Innovation Festival and Design Night in 2011. An exhibition was also created for Helsinki as part of its Design Capital 2012 programme.

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During the Cumulus conference in the World Design Capital, Helsinki, in May 2012, Deborah Dawton, President of BEDA, and Christian Guellerin, President of Cumulus (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media), signed a protocol to commit to BEDA and Cumulus working together.

Both organisations operate in the field of design, but BEDA now focusses purely on professional and promotional organisations, whilst Cumulus is focused on academic institutions. The two organisations therefore complement one another very well.

The aim of the protocol is to facilitate information exchange between professionals and educators, to assist with potential joint activities, and to tell regional, national, European and worldwide institutions that the design community is united and ready to work together at every level.

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BEDA members deliver European Design Innovation Initiative projects
Design Wales, the Cité du Design and Barcelona Design Centre are leading projects as part of the first action plan of the European Commission’s European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII), which aims to embed design for user-centred innovation in government policies and company strategies across the European Union.

‘IDeALL , Integrating  Design for All in Living Labs’
is a two year project  led by the Cité du Design, involving BEDA members the Slovak Design Centre and Latvia’s Design Information Centre. It connects two user-centred communities – Living Labs and Design for All professionals – to support them in building their public policy and to increase companies’ competitiveness.  
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Design Wales is leading a network of 11 partners (including four BEDA members) in a project called the ‘SEE Platform’, which examines the role of design in innovation policy across Europe. Through new research, workshops for policy-makers and programme managers, case studies, policy recommendations and the annual Design Policy Monitor, SEE aims to build a bank of evidence to support public authorities to integrate design into their mainstream practice.
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Led by Barcelona Design Centre, with partners including BEDA members Design Austria and the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, the ‘€Design – Measuring Design Value’ project will formulate a conceptual framework to make design measurable, so that data can be collected to demonstrate its value at a macro-economic level. This in turn will create evidence for establishing design as an economic factor of innovation and production (value creation).
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The fourth project to receive funding is DeEP (Design in European Policies), which is led by the Politecnico di Milano. It aims to create an understanding of the impact of design innovation policies both at macro (regional, national, European) and micro (specific initiative, company) levels.

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