A whole district takes ownership of the Biennale

27 June 2017
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A whole district takes ownership of the BiennaleCite du Design explain how residents of Saint-Étienne have tried out urban furniture of the future.

The Biennale 2017 repeated the Banc d’essai public bench design experiment this year and once again demonstrated the impact of design in the city. Twenty one projects were installed around Saint-Étienne, enabling local residents and visitors passing through to try out the urban furniture of the future. These proposals facilitate the connection between designers and companies, enabling them to think up and make innovative urban furniture.

Among the projects, nine originated in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and 2 were proposed by foreign participants (from Spain and the Netherlands). In addition, students from ESADSE worked with a Loire-based firm, Rondino, to create two experimental benches. The aim of Banc d’essai is to contribute to the renewal of public purchasing orders, and seven items are currently being considered for purchase in order to prolong the experiment.

More information: www.biennale-design.com/saint-etienne/2017/en/programme/?ev=banc-d-essai-2017-28

Visuel légende
3 - Le plus petit gradin du Monde
Designer Jean Couvreur
Enterprise: TF urban design furniture. Tôlerie Forézienne
Prototype: Co-financement Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes

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