BEDA Clusters update

15 November 2016
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BEDA ClustersClusters are a key part of BEDA’s strategy to 2021; find out about the latest developments in each area here.

Clusters are creative groups formed by BEDA members with recognised expertise in particular areas, for instance in User Design, Design for All, or Design Policy. Members gather and communicate information relating to their particular sector with other members, strengthening BEDA’s position – and that of its members – as a repository of applied design knowledge.


User Design
Leader: Cité du design (FR)
Members: Design Forum Finland, DOGA
Mission: To share expertise on this field, and to devise new methodologies in order to innovate, as well as to detect unexpressed demands and needs from business and ever-evolving lifestyles.
Most recent activities: “User Design” session at the BEDA Insight Forum 2016 (presentations available soon), and delivery of the afternoon workshop.
Future activities: “Entretiens Jacques Cartier” and “Living Labs and design” event in Saint-Etienne, France (22 November); and 4 Design Forum Talks in 2017.

Design for All
Leader: DOGA (NO)
Members: Cité du design
Mission: To enhance BEDA and its members’ competence in the field of inclusive design.
Most recent activities: “Why Design for all is good for all” session at the BEDA Insight Forum 2016 (presentations available soon), and delivery of the afternoon workshop.

European Design and Business Dialogue
Leader: designaustria (AT)
Members: Bayern design GmbH, Slovak Design Centre, The Association of Industrial Designers (SPFP)
Mission: To build a platform for exchange between designers and the business community.

Design Policy
Leader: PDR (UK)
Members: KEPA, Lithuanian Design Forum, RRA LUR, Surgenia, Valletta Design Cluster
Mission: To support BEDA members in developing design policy actions specific to their region or country through a hands-on process.
Future activities: Mapping Design Ecosystems Cluster Guide.

Design Stats
Leader: designaustria (AT)
Members: Lithanian Design Forum, CyIDA.
Mission: To get a complete and broader picture on the number of designers in Europe and some basic figures on their economic performance.
Future activity: Update of the European Design Report.

Leader: Hungarian Design Council (HU)
Members: Surgenia, BNO, Design Flanders
Mission: A respectful approach to IPR, including the introduction of a uniform copyright law; informing and educating the general public; starting a dialogue among stakeholders; starting a lobby to remove the contradiction between national and community law.
Future activity: International Conference on design IPR in Budapest, Hungary (28 November)

Leader: KEPA (EL)
Members: DOGA, PDR
Mission: To explore the advantages that design-thinking skills, and particular service-design methodology, can bring to the tourism industry; and to reinforce BEDA members’ capacity in this field.
Future activities: Mapping good practices and meetings with stakeholders.

Membership Benefits
Leader: IDZ (DE)
Members: BNO, Grafill
Mission: To help European design associations to remain vital; to enhance internationalisation and professional opportunities; to reinforce BEDA.
Future activities: Questionnaire to BEDA members.


Circular Economy
Leader: CLICKNL (NL)

Measuring Design Value
Leader: Barcelona Design Centre (BCD)

Cities and Places
Leader: Cité du design (looking for replacement)

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