Design for Europe: A Review

28 March 2017
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Design for Europe: A ReviewBEDA Board Member Anna Whicher reviews the two year Design for Europe programme and its impact.

Design for Europe (a.k.a. European Design Innovation Platform) was funded by the European Union from 2014-2016, with the mission to share knowledge, experiences and skills to strengthen the European design community of practice.

Ultimately, Design for Europe aspired to equip businesses, public sector organisations and policy-makers with the tools they need to implement design-driven innovation.

So, how did the programme fare? Dr Anna Whicher was commissioned to capture the impact of Design for Europe and produce 10 case studies based on interviews with 28 partners, experts and ambassadors. In this article, Dr Whicher explains the sphere of influence Design for Europe commanded over its lifespan and examines the impact it had on European policymaking, business and the public sector. She dives into the detail with ten specific case studies from countries across Europe and proposes how the programme and initiatives like it can continue to enhance the future impact of design, including opportunities on how to forge strategic alliances with prominent European networks.

Dr Anna Whicher is an elected board member of the Bureau of European Design Associations, an expert on Design for Europe and a member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Public Policy Advisory Group.

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