Exploring Operational Programmes

14 July 2017
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DesignforInnovation Partnership MeetingDesign4Innovation are Exploring Operational Programmes

PDR report on the second Design4Innovation Partnership Meeting earlier this month in Thessaoloniki.

‘Exploring Operational Programmes’ was the theme of the second Design4Innovation Partnership Meeting which took place over two days (31st May – 1st June) in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki.

During this time, the Design4Innovation partners reviewed the progress of the project's activities, examined their Operational Programmes (OPs) and visited three innovation hubs in order to find out about the best practice in business and the innovation support in Greece. The project workshop, which was perfectly organised by KEPA – Business and Cultural Development Centre, was held in the tastefully repurposed old Warehouse 1 in the harbour of Thessaloniki.

Following the kickoff of the project in Bruges, the partners reviewed their Regional Design Ecosystems with the broader stakeholder groups and the partners are now collating the data which will form the body of the first Design4Innovation Policy Booklet.

Dr Anna Whicher, Project Manager, said, “Mapping the Design Ecosystem and identifying its strengths and weaknesses is the first step to developing effective and compelling Design Action Plans. We will share our learnings with other interested regions in the first Design4Innovation Policy Booklet.”

Find out more: http://pdronline.co.uk/blog/2017/06/design4innovation-exploring-design-support



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