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26 February 2017
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Design4InnovationThe Design4Innovation project, led by PDR, will run for five years, helping international partners to use design to work more innovatively and effectively.

As of January 2017, PDR, the International Centre for Design and Research, at Cardiff Metropolitan University has secured €1.7m to lead a project to help international partners, including the Welsh Government, to use design to work more innovatively and effectively.

Funded by INTERREG Europe - which helps regional and local governments across Europe develop and deliver better policy - the Design4Innovation project will be led by PDR over five years and involves eight partners comprising of regional European governments, design centres and innovation agencies including BEDA members KEPA - Business and Cultural Development Centre, Maltese Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government - Valletta Design Cluster and Barcelona Design Centre.

The project corresponds with the European Commission’s ‘Action Plan for Design-driven Innovation’ (2013), which recognises design as an accessible “tool for user-centred and market-driven innovation in all sectors of the economy.” Its aim is to support governments to develop, implement and monitor Design Action Plans, to integrate design into innovation support programmes and for 1,600 companies, including many in Wales, to use design to bring user-friendly products and services to market and enhance their competitiveness through a more strategic use of design.

There were 211 applications to this round of INTERREG Europe and 66 projects were approved. PDR is one of only eight UK lead partners.

Speaking about the project's impact in Wales, Dr Anna Whicher, Head of Policy, PDR (Design4Innovation Project Manager) said, "PDR will support Welsh Government to better understand how design can achieve innovation priorities for Wales. For example, by supporting 200 companies to benefit from design support within innovation funding programmes to bring new products and services to market that better respond to user needs."

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