Outdoor furniture brings residents together

27 June 2017
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Designing outdoor furniture brings Brussels residents togetherMAD Lab residents Morgane Hallé and the AMORCE collective use design for social cohesion in a Brussels social housing complex.

Morgane Hallé and the AMORCE collective, residents at the MAD Lab, the design studios for social and societal innovation at MAD (Brussels Fashion and Design Platform), were commissioned by “Habitat et Rénovation”, an association for the promotion of social cohesion based in the Anneessens district in Brussels, to design, plan and realise outdoor furniture to be installed in the courtyard of the Potiers-Vautour social housing complex, that would truly meet the needs of the residents.

An initial participatory phase involving all of the residents and users allowed them to draw up specifications incorporating all the aspects that were important for the residents: enjoying the sun, somewhere to sit down, avoiding noise near windows, a place for plants to grow, a position from which children can be supervised, etc.

The result of this collaborative work was a proposal for two benches made from larch, a type of wood that is weatherproof without chemical treatment.

One of the benches is a complement to a low wall on which people are currently in the habit of sitting. The second one is an island, set at an angle, that offers a maximum surface area for greenery and room to sit.

The choice of plants will be made at a later stage by the residents and a neighbourhood party will be organised to celebrate the installation of the furniture in the courtyard.

The aim of this project is to use design as a tool for bringing together residents around a unifying project that directly impacts them, and in which they can be participants.

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