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9 July 2012
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Federation of Dutch Creative Industries (FDCI) 

Towards the end of 2009, BNO took the initiative to establish the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries: a collaborative framework spanning eight trade and professional associations, representing the entire field of Dutch creative industries. Members of the federation are: architects, interior architects, fashion designers, game designers, photographers, advertisement designers, and full-service Internet agencies. The Federation was established to actively promote the interests of the organised segment of the commercial creative industry.

Through the eight member organisations, the Federation now represents over 6000 individual members and 2500 creative enterprises, which jointly contribute more than €11 billion to the gross national product.The Federation of Dutch Creative Industries is the connecting link between the member representatives of the creative sub-sectors.

The Federation also acts as discussion partner for the government, sectorial organisations and ventures, implementing agencies, educational institutes and the business community, whenever relevant to or required by the sector’s interests.

The creative industry plays a key part in building a sustainable and innovative society in the Netherlands. With its advanced creative industry, educational sector and open society, the Netherlands is well positioned to achieve a solid head start. The Dutch government sets great store by an effectively operating creative industry, and it expects the industry to contribute substantially to the innovative capacity of the Dutch economy. The government has therefore adopted a large number of the Federation’s action points. One of the priorities is to establish a ‘Creative Council’, as an independent advisory body. The Council will not only be tasked with coordinating the agenda for the creative industry but will also provide for a clear and transparent infrastructure.

The Federation advocates creating more room for newer forms of innovation, for example through crowdsourcing and crowd funding, and knowledge development through cooperative frameworks (innovation cooperation). To boost the competitive power of creative companies also requires a greater understanding of the sector itself, which in turn demands further research.

The Dutch creative industry has always been well organised. The establishment of the Federation of Creative Industries takes this a significant step further. Throughout Europe, the organisation of the Dutch creative industry is often held up as an example. The Federation will intensify its contacts with the European Commission in order to better utilise the opportunities available there, and in doing so it counts on the support of the Dutch government.


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