18 April 2016
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8 19iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD 2016 – impact beyond design

iF report on the winners of their 2016 award, whose projects improve living conditions and create lasting public value.

Last year, iF launched a new competition: the iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD for professionals and students. This award recognizes creative approaches in all parts of the world. The intention is to make visible the impact of designers, but also public administration bodies, companies and NGOs on society, as they face the economical and social challenges.

The focus is on projects and concepts that actively aim at improving living conditions, promoting peaceful coexistence or preserving the environment – in other words, creating lasting public value.

The iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD is oriented towards overarching megatrends. It has eleven categories:
Power Shifts Globally
Using Resources Smartly
Better Life in Cities
Living Together in the 21st Century
Internet, Media and Data
Climate Change
Vehicles and Mobility of the Future
Ageing Society
Labor Relations Changing
Unleashed Bioengineering
Empowering the Individual

The evaluation process Using a specially developed evaluation methodology – the Public Value Scorecard – each submission will be evaluated based on five standard criteria:
1. Does it solve a relevant problem?
2. Does it reflect or promote high moral/ethical standards?
3. Does it strengthen group relations?
4. Does it create a positive experience?
5. Does it balance effort and use value?

In February 2016 the iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD celebrates premiere
This was the impetus behind our first-ever iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD.

The six projects exhibited below won over our three-juror panel with their innovative force and quality of execution. The winning projects were:
1. A lighting concept for public spaces that is a blessing, not a bane.
2. Enzo Mari's design at the service of refugees and society.
3. The energy of soccer harnessed for the well-being of society as a whole.
4. A bright spot in Rwanda, a sign of change and optimism.
5. A project to use drones for humanitarian purposes, to fly food and medicine where it is most needed.
6. Juice as a social project, empowering people and saving resources.

See all PROFESSIONAL award winners // photo gallery click here

Creating Public Value: The 2016 Student Winners

The first iF PUBLIC VALUE STUDENT AWARD proved that students are an excellent weather vane for society's need for design. Our jurors selected 33 concepts for recognition. Six of them shared the prize money of 10,000 EUR.

See all STUDENT award winners // photo gallery click here

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