Innovation for all 2014, Oslo

7 November 2014
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8 12The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture share findings from the Innovation for All conference recently held in Oslo.

Traditional trade and industry are facing tough global competition and structural change. An ageing population is putting great pressure on our society. Rapid urbanisation drives the need for improved infrastructure and cities that are more people friendly. The climate challenge needs to be addressed more actively.

How can we face these big global challenges?

How can design, architecture and urban planning help develop better, more innovative products, services and environments relevant for both private companies, the public sector and the individual?

These were the questions we asked the speakers at the Innovation for all 2014 arranged by the Norwegian Centre for Design- and Architecture – and their responses were mind blowing!

So what happened? There were inspiring and eye opening key note lectures that pointed out new directions, told us what not to do anymore to be more innovative and how to change minds, systems and organisations from within. The interactive workshops looked at new practical methods for putting people at the centre of the whole innovation and design process, and the participants discussed new creative techniques and tools for how to bring them to the board room.

Want to hear more? Take a look at Jan R. Stavik’s summary on tape, and the other engaging presentations by Marco Steinberg, Snowcone & Haystack, Anna Kirah, Making Waves, Mark Dyer, Professor Trinity College, Ted Matthews, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Agnete Enga, Smart Design, Dr. Dan Formosa, PhD, Rama Gheerawo, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design Dan Phillips, Royal College of Art, Mike Jones, DesignIt, and Stian Berger Røsland, Governing Mayor, City of Oslo.

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