The Innovation for All Programme

12 May 2016
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4 18The Innovation for All Programme at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture

For almost ten years the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture have worked to raise the profile of Inclusive Design at national level; they share their knowledge at their forthcoming international Innovation for All conference in Oslo, 12-13 May.

At the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DOGA), for almost 10 years we have worked closely with the Norwegian Government to promote understanding and competence among designers and industry to highlight the importance – and potential - of Design for All / Inclusive Design.

On 29th January the Minister for Children and Equality launched at DOGA the third Government Action Plan on Universal Design, together with the deputy secretaries from Ministry of Health and Care Services and Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. The presence of three ministries emphasizes the importance placed on universal design in Norway, to secure the government’s vision for the country to be universally designed by 2025. The action plan involving 10 ministries shows how the government will lay the foundation for achieving this ambition through various goals and measures that are subject to deadlines. A lot has been achieved since the first plan was launched in 2005, affecting most areas of society with a wide range of tools and new legislation as one important driver. Some measures target the private sector to enable trade and industry to develop sustainable and innovative solutions that are also inclusive and people-friendly. The third action plan focuses on universal design of ICT, welfare technology and digital solutions in addition to the main areas such as buildings, outdoor areas and transport.

The Innovation for All Programme at the DOGA is one measure in the Government Action Plan promoting Design for all as an effective and people-centred strategy for innovation, targeting both private and public sectors. Central to the programme is global knowledge sharing and competence building, with the international Innovation for All conference and workshop event taking place every second year. The next event will be held in Oslo at DOGA on 12-13 May 2016, with inspiring keynote lectures by global experts, short talks and workshops. This year themes range from technology, health care and ageing, design for policy and innovation in the public sector. The workshops will include Executive education in inclusive design, looking at creative leadership and technology. A 24 Hour Inclusive Design Challenge will run parallel to the event and international participants can sign up for free.

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