Visible Cultures

14 July 2017
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AIAP DESIGN PER International Graphic Design WeekVisible Cultures: AIAP DESIGN PER International Graphic Design Week

The 2017 edition of this event, exploring design for culture, information, society, and sustainability, will take place in Rome.

Every year since 2003 AIAP, the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design, has organised and promoted a major event, which name is AIAP DESIGN PER. This name – meaning Design FOR – refers to the variety of areas in which design is involved: design FOR culture, FOR information, FOR society, FOR territorial identity, FOR sustainability…

The 2017 edition of AIAP DESIGN PER explores the topic of Visible Cultures.

Visible cultures, meaning physical and virtual spaces generated by the layers of history, the piling up of meanings and projects, which become ideal places to read and interpret the memories, the tales, the paths, the future scenarios of the territories, of those who live in them and of their modes of communication.

If the invisible cities were imaginary, evocative places, metaphors of reality, then visible cities and their cultures, more and more at risk of becoming invisible, are tangible, concrete spaces, frequently fragile, permeable territories in which communication is paramount.

It is visual communication design that thus becomes the tool for investigating visible cultures, acting as the real connective tissue to hold together the multiple, different spaces of a territory, giving it a voice and an image, creating and enhancing local identities and resources, services, institutions, companies, and re-establishing the central role of the designer as the person who can generate development and contribute to improving the quality of life.

It is a role that needs re-thinking and re-positioning in the light of a deep, continuous transformation of the discipline as well as of the profession and its related fields.

It is a role that is capable of creating relationships and interacting with clients, crafts and industrial systems, end users and targets.

AIAP DESIGN PER, International Graphic Design Week – 2017 Edition, will take place in Rome, a city whose history, culture, size, population, together with its strategic, political and symbolic role, make it the real heart of the country, and which is not only Italy’s capital, but also the City by definition, the ideal scenario for the Visual cultures we are about to explore.

Rome becomes the territory around which to discuss and reflect, to analyse and compare contexts, dynamics, languages and practices. A place to use as the reference context and to transform into a paradigm for other cities; to imagine future scenarios, sustainable developments, and signs of transformation.

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