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5 17BEDA report on ICSID’s blueprint for change

BEDA board member Judit Varhelyi recently attended the 29th General Assembly of Icsid in GwangJu; she reports on their new vision for harnessing industrial design to address world problems.

TU DELFT’S ambulance drone

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7 November 2014

3 12TU DELFT’S ambulance drone massively increases survival chances for cardiac arrest patients

Graduate student Alec Momont of TU Delft has designed an unmanned, autonomously navigating mini aeroplane that can quickly deliver a defibrillator to where it is needed. A network of such drones could significantly increase the chance of survival following a cardiac arrest: from 8% to 80%!

2 12Design Policy in Practice – moving forward

Design policy is moving forward. This became clear at the Design Policy Conference that took place in Cape Town on 17th-18th October as part of its World Design Capital agenda. The conference was two days of speeches from various parts of the world, presenting results obtained from policy intervention of various types – from urban development to social programmes. There were challenging insights from academia, business and young professionals, acknowledging the importance of the various stakeholders for building an environment in which design can prosper.

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