Design at Business Conference 2016

The German Design Council collaborate with SAP and Microsoft on this conference, which considers how the digital transformation be designed more humanely.

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Shared Economy. Technology drives digitalization and opens up seemingly unlimited dimensions. Globally companies react to this evolution, questioning and optimizing their IT, their business models and their structures. How can the digital transformation be designed more humanely? How do we want to work in the future? At the Design at Business conference “HOW TO HUMANIZE THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION?” on 1 and 2 November 2016 in Berlin, internationally leading experts will discuss this very question. In the exclusive context of this event, leading thinkers from various specialist areas will offer striking best-practice examples, new perspectives and impulses on this relevant aspect of digitalisation.

These include:
• Holly O’Driscoll, Global Design Thinking Leader at Procter & Gamble (P&G), has spent six years building and developing competence in design thinking methods and approaches around the world within her company.
• Sam Yen, Chief Design Officer at SAP, boasts a wealth of experience in the successful establishment of design thinking and a user-centred innovation approach within global companies, teams and management bodies.
• Dr. Roslyn Sayers, Strategic Projects Manager at Siemens, works both on the company side and from an academic perspective, dealing with the themes of strategy, sustainability, innovation and HR.
• Ulf Brandes, formerly of P&G and Ebay, is a founder and opinion-leader who links the current start-up culture with established structures. His much discussed book “Management Y” and the film he co-produced, entitled “Augenhöhe”, provide companies with orientation on their way towards a future-proof organisation.
• Baba Shiv, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business and TED speaker, carries out research in the area of neuroeconomics and its application to entrepreneurial leadership and innovation culture.

The two-day event in Berlin is expected to feature a total of nine first-rate speakers, who will exchange ideas with participants as part of numerous workshops and panels as well as in direct dialogue. The conference is aimed at change managers, entrepreneurs, design thinkers and opinion leaders from various industries. The conference is being organised by the German Design Council in cooperation with SAP and Microsoft. The number of participants is limited to 150 places. The deadline for registration is 25 October 2016.

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15/03/2017 to 16/03/2017
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