Name: Design Europe 2021 - Design for Growh and Prosperity

Lead: BEDA - The Bureau of European Design Associations

Partners: 1



Dates: 12/2014 – 11/2017


DESIGN EUROPE 2021 focuses on strengthening the design sector of Europe. It comprises four carefully structured and distinctive streams of action that together will increase the capacity and capability of BEDA, as Europe’s only European-level network for national and regional design promotion centres, design councils and the professional trade associations for design. With a stronger and larger BEDA network of design associations and organisations in every Member State, the intent is to accelerate long-term structuring effects on the design sector and to facilitate the wider embedding of design in business, government, education, research, the Public sector and the EU institutions. This will enable and influence change in practice and policy for the benefit of the cultural and creative sectors in general and the design sector in particular.


Built-in synergies across the four action streams will enable impact to be achieved throughout the three-year period of the Call, which has been set within a seven year BEDA strategy. Each action stream will foster and stimulate an increasing number of activities and greater density of interaction leading to significant change-inducing outputs over the three year period.Supported by an effective communications plan, the four actions envisaged are:

‘GA+’, an extension of the BEDA General Assembly to deepen and reveal the expertise and diverse resources within the BEDA members;

‘BEDA CONNECTS’ – an annual gathering point to connect Members to new opportunities for national, trans-national and international collaborations and projects;

‘BEDA CLUSTERS’ – a unique series of Design Expertise Groups each comprising of three BEDA members with a shared expertise with regard to a significant design issue and finally,

‘BEDA INTEGRATES’ – a programme of high level policy influencing with a Design Insight Forum and a mini ‘Design Davos’ and attendant publications.

BEDA Membership
We have 48 members from 28 countries within the geographical limits of Europe. They are all leading design promotion centres (usually funded by Government/public money) or professional design and trade associations (usually funded by the design industry of that country). Our professional design and trade association members represent hundreds of thousands of individual designers across Europe.
Design for Europe
Design for Europe is a three-year programme to support design-driven innovation across Europe. It is co-funded by the European Union as part of the EU's Action Plan for Design-Driven Innovation. Design for Europe is being delivered between January 2014 and December 2016 by a consortium of design organisations, universities and business support organisations from across the EU.
European Regions Research And Innovation Network (ERRIN)
Founded in 2001, ERRIN is a unique Brussels-based platform of more than 120 regional stakeholders organisation most of whom are represented by their Brussels offices. ERRIN promotes knowledge exchange between its members, focusing on joint actions and project partnerships to strengthen regional research and innovation capacities. Through these actions ERRIN seeks to contribute to the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Innovation Union flagship initiative and Smart Specialisation strategies.