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Designaustria became a BEDA European Centre of Competence in 2012, for their European Design Business Dialogue programme. They explain how the ECC status benefits them and their members, and how it will support their future plans.

European Design Business Dialogue (EDBD)
The objective is to build a platform for exchange between designers and the business community. EDBD is a conference and workshop format which has been delivered four times so far, in cooperation with Austrian marketing associations and the Creative Industries Styria in Graz and Vienna. designaustria has also experimented with various setups and formats, addressing topics including design policy, innovation, and entering foreign markets such as Taiwan and China.

ECC Benefit for designaustria
The BEDA label of ECC gives designaustria credibility and a special standing within the design community and political entities. Austria´s businesses and designers are very export-orientated, therefore any backup and assistance in an international context enables activities; it also encourages the members of designaustria to rely on colleagues‘ experience, professional contribution and support. It is considered positive by the business community when the contracting designer is a matching partner for the approach to international markets.

Benefit for BEDA
The stronger and more professional the members, the better for BEDA. As designaustria is the local outreach it also represents the wider association and gives it greater visibility. BEDA could also work as a platform for transcontinental design-business dialogue and as a trigger for business contacts. In general: the major companies act internationally, as does the design community.

Benefit for BEDA members
To share the experience and to learn from other designers´ activities, to specialize in specific topics and invite and involve member organisations in national and transnational activities. Development and future activities In 2014 designaustria will be a partner of the Forum Alpbach. The European Forum Alpbach (EFA) is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. Established in 1945, the annual European Forum Alpbach, and our events throughout the year, address the relevant socio-political questions of our time. As ECC we moved up to this high level conference (comparable to Davos in CH), being the partner for a design agenda within the EFA.

Contact BEDA  Koloniënstraat 56, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) t. (+32) 2 217 39 77  f. (+32) 2 217 99 72
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