Norwegian Design Council (NDC)

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NorwegianDesignCouncilNorwegian Design Council (NDC) has for almost a decade had a dedicated focus on Design for all/Inclusive Design.

Their Innovation for All Programme was initiated in 2005 as part of the comprehensive Norwegian Government’s Action Plan on Universal Design - the only programme focusing on design and innovation addressing trade and industry with a commercial focus.

NDC has since been a government partner within the field of Design for all. The programme promotes Design for All as an effective strategy and business tool for innovation to its main target groups; trade and industry, design communities, research, academia but also public institutions.

It aims to demonstrate the value of a people centred approach and to enable knowledge transfer by providing business and industry with practical methods and tools to be easily adopted and implemented in everyday practice.

The programme’s two main activities are concentrated around:
1) Knowledge transfer and building competence
2) People centred design projects with private and public enterprises

Based on projects and accumulated experience, the book “Innovating with people – The Business of Inclusive Design” was launched in 2010 -

The webguide is based on the content of the book.

Partners and international networks

International alliances and networks have contributed to the build up of our competence resulting in various tangible outputs. In particular the strategic alliance with one of the leaders in the field, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (HHCD) at Royal College of Art in London has been fruitful.

Activities 2013

The activities this year are building on what has been achieved so far, in terms of knowledge, tools and practice. As for the knowledge sharing activities, this year we are building on our experience with the European Business Workshops on Inclusive Design in 2012 –and offer Executive Education in Inclusive Design; one day interactive, practical workshops in the major cities in Norway – together with the HHCD. As for design projects there is an emphasis on inclusive service design, and we are involved with public sector to increase competence in this field.

International Exhibition , London

The exhibition and seminar Design to make a difference took place at the Royal College of Art in London 19-25.April, aimed to demonstrate the benefits of people-centred design thinking. The exhibition showcased 10 Norwegian and 10 British projects ranging from passenger trains and hotel chains to government websites, voting systems and community-led initiatives. It will also be exhibited at Cambridge and the London Mayor’s office during the summer.

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