Conferences and Workshops

Free Info Session WORTH - A European project to support designers

La Commission Européenne et le WORTH-consortium vous invite à la présentation du projet Européen WORTH PARTNERSHIP PROJECT le 18 octobre au MAD.

ICDHS 10th+1
29/10/2017 to 31/10/2017


ICONIC CONFERENCES – The conference series of the German Design Council

The ICONIC CONFERENCE is aimed at architects, engineers, interior designers, scenographers, technical planners, urban planners, agencies, design studios and companies in the construction and real estate industries.

World Design Summit
16/10/2017 to 25/10/2017

The World Design Summit - Montréal 2017 (WDS) is an unprecedented international gathering of diverse disciplines with a common focus: how design can shape the built environment of the future.

Circular Economy European Summit 2017
15/11/2017 to 17/11/2017

Barcelona will host the Circular Economy European Summit 2017

OpenLivingLab Days 2017
29/08/2017 to 01/09/2017

OpenLivingLab Days is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community, formally the ENoLL Summer School.

General Assembly of the EIP-SCC: "Towards a Joint Investment Programme for Smart Cities"

The annual General Assembly of the EIP-SCC: "Towards a Joint Investment Programme for Smart Cities" will be held in Brussels, on October 12th 2017, with a clear focus on stimulating joint investment in the smart cities market, building towards a coordinated plan to make that real in the the market at scale.

EU Design Days 2017: “The Next Step”
19/09/2017 to 20/09/2017

This is the sixth edition of our successful series of EU Design Days. This year we will focus on the transformation of cities and regions and how design and innovation contributes to dealing with challenges such as an aging population, sustainable energy, climate adaptation and mobility solutions. In collaboration with practitioners, researchers and policymakers the EU Design Days 2017 seek to take an important next step in the transformation of cities and regions towards high quality of life, building on but also going beyond current practice.