European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture exhibition

The exhibit will present plans, models and videos and highlight the two winners of this year's prize:

  • EU Prize: NL architects and XVW architectuur for DeFlat Kleiburg in Amsterdam
  • Emerging Architect Award: Brussels studios MSA/V+ for the housing project NAVEZ - 5 social units at the northern entrance of Brussels


The European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture is a biennial award and is complemented by the Emerging Architect Award. The €60,000 prize and €20,000 award are given to single works demonstrating excellence in conceptual, technical, and constructive terms.

The prize is managed jointly by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme, and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, based in Barcelona. The prize aims to raise awareness of excellence in the field of architecture, drawing attention to the contributions of European professionals in the development of new architectural concepts, techniques and technologies.

© Photo: StijnSpoelstra

08/09/2017 to 22/10/2017
Brussels (BE)