ICDHS 10th+1

What is the ICDHS and how does it work?

ICDHS is the acronym of the International Committee of Design History and Design Studies. It is formed by scholars of Spain, Cuba, Turkey, México, Finland, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, USA, Taiwan Canada and the UK.

Since 1999, when the Design & Art History Departments of the University of Barcelona organized the first edition of the ICDHS, a conference has been organized every two years moving to new venues across the world with two distinct aims: firstly, discovering original researches in the fields of Design History and Designs Studies and, secondly, include contributions coming from non hegemonic countries in the area, offering hence a loudspeaker to many scientific communities that could be already actives or rather being formed and growing up. For that reason, its conferences are structured combining many parallel strands, including the presentation of posters, and keynote speakers who lecture on the Conference main theme.

From Barcelona, the biannual conference has traveled across Latin America (Havana, Guadalajara, São Paulo), Asia (Istanbul, Osaka, Taipei) and Europe (Istanbul, Helsinki, Tallinn, Brussels, Aveiro). Ten books of conference proceeding have appeared whether printed on paper or digital registration. At every venue Conference themes are as varied as the proposed strands and are always seen as important for the furthering of the discipline globally, whilst simultaneously embrace the underlying and specific thematic outlook adopted by the ICDHS, the pluralism of history. Adopted as the title for the Istanbul Conference, the slogan “Mind the Map!” clearly summarizes the ICDHS’s field of enquiry, to redraw and enlarge the world map of History of Design in an appropriate way that embraces current thinking. It also includes the various territories involved in the building up of a common and easy to share design culture. Furthermore, conferences have explored the relationship between the global and the local, between local histories, thus becoming a worldwide referent.

Every conference chooses a theme that informs tracks and strands that organise the presentation of papers. It is chosen by the board together with local organisers.

These conferences have also served to discover the various scientific communities already active in the places where the conference is held and give them an international projection.

The event is an international one whose performing has been to further the globalisation of the discipline.

More information: http://www.ub.edu/icdhs/barcelona10+1/ 

29/10/2017 to 31/10/2017
Barcelona (ES)