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25 14Belgrade Design Week presents Brand New World Milano 2015 @ Dušan

For their Brand New World exhibition in Milan, Belgrade Design Week focus on Designers-Makers-Entrepreneurs.

18 13BIENNALE TO BUSINESS WEEK - THE MEANINGS OF VALUE: Experimenting with value through design.

The Biennale to Business professionals' week as part of the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015, offers an approach to contemporary design practice covering different visions ranging from the strategic to the systematic, from governance to people-centred design.

Crossroads 2015: Human Cities

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16 March 2015

12 13“Crossroads 2015: Human Cities_ Challenging the city scale” workshop 16 - 17 March 2015 / news from Belgrade Design Week

Human Cities explores how citizens are (re)appropriating the contemporary and ever - changing city by experimenting in the urban space.

Workshop: Crossroads 2015

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16 March 2015

16 13Workshop: “Crossroads 2015: Human Cities_ Challenging the city scale” Monday 16th - Tuesday 17th March 2015

“Crossroads 2015” is a creative workshop about the re-use of vacant shops and commercial spaces in the Saint-Etienne Jacquard district, taking place as part of the European program “Human Cities Challenging the City Scale”.

9 13Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015 - 12th March to 12th April 2015.

‘The Experiences of Beauty’ is the general theme of the 9th Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne, which will also host Seoul as the Guest of Honour UNESCO creative city of design.

REDI Conference 10 March 2015

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10 March 2015

4 13REDI (Regions support Entrepreneurs and Designers to Innovate) is a programme which aims to sustain territorial “ecosystems” that stimulate innovation through design. They share their experiences and explore the use of innovation in existing initiatives in this conference.

4 14Overview of REDI final conference: Go! Go! Go!

REDI share the results of their thirty month programme in this report on their final conference, which took place in Brussels on March 10th.

13 13Design Discourse: Austria – South Africa, 30 Jan – 8 March 2015

How can Austrian designers benefit from South Africa and how can Austria inspire the South African design scene? The design duo chmara.rosinke have curated an exhibition that was first presented in Cape Town, the »2014 World Design Capital«, in November 2014 and which will now be on display at the designforum Wien.

10 13Seminar-workshop: e-residency and Innovative Public Service, March 4- 6 2015, Tallinn

Estonian Design Centre are leading on a seminar which shares the vision of e-residency, introduces the advantages of service innovation processes in the development of public services, and offers practical experience of user-centred design.

Design Connects!

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21 February 2015

15 13Design Connects! Munich Creative Business Week 21 Feb – 1 Mar 2015

Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), the largest design event in Germany, returns with the theme of ‘metropolitan ideas’ to raise awareness of design and its impact on society, culture and the economy.

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