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Brand Management 4.02014 German Brand and Design Conference: Brand Management 4.0

13-14 November 2014, Saarbrücken

Internet, networking and innovations stemming from the fields of microelectronics and sensor technology are currently drastically changing production conditions to such an extent that there is already talk of a “fourth industrial revolution”. Industry 4.0 means that production will become increasingly intelligent, streamlined and flexible – up to the frequently cited “batch-size 1”. Customers actively help shape their products as “prosumers”, supply chains are integrated, hybrids of products and services require entirely new business models.

14 12What is design?
Basically, everything around us. "It's not true that we are surrounded only by politics or trade, as it seems when you open a newspaper" - Jaime Hayon famously concluded at the 2010 BDW -"That makes only 1%, while 99% is design". The stuff created by someone to help us with any thinkable function in everyday’s life, cover and protect us, transport us, teach us, feed us... to make us happy, help us evolve, inspire us... Design is a fundamental tool for shaping a society in the 21st century, to support our communities and generate new jobs. The true story of our time is, in fact, that every single creative person is a potential business start-up, which creates new value. A country that doesn’t use these tools is in trouble.

Best of Belgian Design

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28 October 2014

Best of Belgian DesignLight & Shape: Best of Belgian Design - exhibition in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen

From 28 October 2014 until 25 January 2015, the Red Dot Design Museum Essen presents the special exhibition “Light & Shape: Best of Belgian Design”. From the ultra-light luggage collection to the well-shaped luminaire: On show is a selection of elaborate products which document the design knowhow of Belgian designers and manufacturers. All of the exhibits received the renowned Red Dot Award in one of the world’s largest design competitions.

German Federal Ecodesign Award

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24 October 2014

German Federal Ecodesign Award Exhibition of Nominees and Winners for 2013

The travelling exhibition of German Federal Ecodesign Award "Bundespreis Ecodesign" presents the competition winners and nominees for 2013: from new mobility and energy concepts to recyclable fashion to hybrid wood construction systems. The next edition will take place at Designers’ Open in Leipzig from October 24 to 26.

Commissioned by the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency, the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), has developed the competition and has hosted the annual Federal Ecodesign Award since 2012. The Award emphasizes the environmental impact of design and honours innovative and sustainable design solutions.

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Design Research & Innovation Festival

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22 October 2014

Research & Innovation FestivalSave the date: DRIVE October 22 and 23, Eindhoven

DRIVE is the first Design Research & Innovation Festival for the creative industries in the Netherlands. DRIVE brings together designers, scientists, businesses and government during the 2014 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The festival provides a platform for Design Research & Innovation in the Netherlands. The programme is in English and participation is free.

10 23 OsloSave the date for Innovation for all in Oslo 16 -17 October 2014

The Design for all event in Oslo at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture will focus on people-centred design and innovation at a public, business and citizen level.

Oslo Innovation Week 2014

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16 October 2014

Oslo Innovation WeekInnovation for All workshops at Oslo Innovation Week 2014, 16-17 October 2014

Innovation for All is a two day event at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo as part of Oslo Innovation Week 2014, focusing on people-centered design as an effective tool for innovation at public, business and citizen levels.

Creativity knows no borders

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9 October 2014

Creativity knows no bordersCo-working and crowdfunding cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia presented in Ljubljana on 9 October 2014

Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) and its Regional Creative Economy Centre (RCKE) are organizing the ‘Creativity knows no borders: Creative industries as new opportunities for cross-border cooperation’ event, which will take place at this year’s Ambient Ljubljana Furniture Fair on 9 October.


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6 October 2014

10 10 BDWThis year's Belgrade Design Week will take place from October 6th to 11th 2014, snugged nicely between the design weeks in London / Vienna and Eindhoven / Kortrijk.

For the ninth consecutive year, it will include the world famous international conference BDW 2014, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the 9th, 10th and the 11th of October, as well as the traditional exhibition programme BDW DIZAJNPARK, the professional BDW DIZAJNLABS programme, and the additional city-wide satellite programme of BDW PREMIERS, including our notorious DIZAJNIGHTS!

Belgrade Design Week 2014

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6 October 2014

Belgrade Design Week 2014Save the date: Belgrade Design Week 2014 / Brand New World Conference 06 - 11th October 2014

The "Greatest creative minds of the 21st century" from over 20 countries, from the full range of creative industries - branding, design, architecture, publishing, advertising, fashion, media, film, entrepreneurship and culture - will talk about the creation of new values in today’s fast changing world!  BDW will feature the BDW Conference, now in its ninth edition, BRAND NEW WORLD, along with exhibitions, workshops, events, dinners and parties…

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