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Conflict & Design

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15 December 2013

17_DesignFlandersConflictConflict & Design

This winter, from 15 December 2013 through 9 March 2014, Design Flanders is organising “Conflict & Design”, the 7th edition of the Design Triennial in Flanders, in association with C-mine Genk and Innovatie & Design Euregio.

This triennial, under the artistic management of curator Kurt Vanbelleghem, focuses on the way designers approach conflict situations and on the impact their designs have on our society. Moreover, “conflict” motivates them to create innovative social design processes and projects. It affords their work substance and meaning.

The exhibition provides food for thought about how, in the (near) future, we will be obliged to interact with each other and manage our natural resources in fundamentally different ways.

The participating designers display fascinating presentations of their work, each from their own specific perspective, in which they apply new methods and ways of thinking to contemporary design. They demonstrate how, through their design process, they offer solutions for all types of conflicts, from social conflicts between people to conflicts with nature, in the current economic situation and in a disjointed society. A conflict is seldom or never viewed as something positive, but appears to be a necessary driving force for innovation. Not innovation for the sake of innovation, but rather design with a clear social-societal objective: creating a better living, social and working climate.

In a nutshell, “Conflict & Design” is a dynamic project that is not limited to presenting work, but one in which design thinking and design processes are paramount, with the aim of also actively involving the public in the project as a whole. Don’t miss out!

Conflict & Design, the 7th Design Triennial in Flanders
Date: 15.12.2013 – 09.03.2014
Every day from 10am to 7pm. Closed on holidays
Entry: Free of charge

8_7th_TriennialDesign Vlaanderen, together with C-Mine Genk and Design Hub Limburg, will organize the 7th triennial for design in Flanders. The main theme of this edition is Conflict and Design. The 7th triennial for Design will be held at C-Mine Genk from the 14th December 2013 until early March 2014. The exhibition will be curated by Kurt Vanbelleghem, professor at St Lucas University College of Art & Design Brussels. 

This Triennial presents concepts, projects, objects and processes which are primarily created within relatively new developments in design such as user-centered design, social design, participation design, process design, sustainable design, ethical design etc.

A conflict in itself, as an event, is rarely regarded as something positive but it is a necessary incentive for future innovations. It is basically defining the way in which humanity continues to evolve. In this process, a designer can play an extremely important role. He designs with this particular awareness in mind. The focus of this triennial is specifically on the social impact of design, on the need for good design that creates solutions for conflicts, for design based on observation and participation. This exhibition is focusing on design with a clear socio-political goal: creating a better living and working world.

The Triennial officially starts with several workshops to bring designers, government, industry and students together to think about conflicts we encounter in our society. These workshops will be held at C-Mine, Genk on the 27th and 28th of March 2013. Registration is required.

For further information please visit:

N.b. the workshops are in Dutch or English.

Conflict and Design

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14 December 2013

09_ConflictConflict and Design, the 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders

The 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013 is an investigation into the social relevance of design and the role and responsibility of designers in our society. This Triennial presents concepts, projects, objects and processes which are primarily developed within relatively new developments in design such as user-centered design, social design, participation design, process design, sustainable design, ethical design etc.

Design Fusion 2013

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14 December 2013

18_DesignFusionEvery year, Design Platform Flanders organizes Design Fusion, an afternoon of lectures by leading international speakers from the design world.

These include John Thackara (FR) on design processes for a sustainable future; Jane Chen (CA), the founder of Embrace; Liz Sanders (US), founder of Make tools; and Michel Bauwens (TH), expert in the peer-to-peer principle as an economic alternative for the crisis. They will conduct the debate, led by moderators Nik Baerten and Joannes Vandermeulen, around the theme of Conflict & Design. Design Fusion will be rounded off with a networking session that also marks the opening of the Design Triennial.

Design Fusion will take place on 14 December 2013 at 2 p.m. at C-mine, Genk.
Entry is free, but you are required to register at


John Thackara (FR) 

Jane Chen (CA) 

Liz Sanders (US) 

Michel Bauwens (TH) 


Nik Baerten (B) 

Joannes Vandermeulen (B) 

Health and Design for All

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25 November 2013

7_Health-designforall2REGISTER NOW!
Symposium  “Health and Design for All”
25 November  2013
Cité du design, Saint-Etienne, 26e Entretiens Jacques Cartier

After the success of “Medical Design, inventing care solutions for tomorrow” in 2012, the Cité du design  continues with international symposiums on medical design for the 2013 Entretiens Jacques Cartier.

Service Design Network conference

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18 November 2013


Service Design Network conference in the UK for the first time!

The Global Service Design Network, in partnership with Service Design Network UK Chapter, Design Wales, PDR and Nile will be hosting this year’s Service Design Global Conference in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

The annual conference, previously held in Paris, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Berlin amongst other cities, is coming to the UK for the first time on the 18th, 19th and 20th November 2013. The stunning Wales Millennium Centre will be housing a fantastic series of talks, presentations and workshops around the theme of Transformation Through Service Design.

More and more Service Design practices and customer-led approaches lie at the heart of good transformational programs; by fully understanding how service design connects with all areas of an organisation, service design can support transformation on a much larger scale and achieve greater impact. This is why we will be debating, sharing and learning about ‘transformation through service design’ at the 2013 Global Service Design Network Conference.

Speakers confirmed so far include:
- Joel Bailey, Head of Service Design at Capita
- Mark Catchlove, Head of Insights at Herman Miller
- Maria Jose Jorda Garcia, Retail Banking Innovation partner at BBVA
- Ben Terrett, Head of Design at Government Digital Service and Cabinet Officer for the UK Government;
- Clive Grinyr, Director of customer experience at Cisco
- Matt Garrood, Director of Digital Planning & Innovation at EE;

Paul Thurston from PDR and co-chair of SDNC13 says, “I am really excited that such a prestigious conference is coming to Cardiff. We are looking forward to welcoming our Service Design colleagues from across the world.”

Early bird tickets are now available until the 31st July 2013 through the conference website:

For more info contact: Diana Oliveira
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +44 (0) 2920 417 018
Address: PDR, 200 Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 2YB

12_DMDKEvent Announcement: German Brand and Design Congress 2013

There is an increase in global competition: emerging markets are rapidly catching up and initiating competition on a global scale, which is subsequently making it more difficult for small and medium-sized companies to assert themselves internationally in the long term. Therefore, ensuring sustainable success now and in the future requires a well thought out strategy, which focuses both on the design and brand – particularly in the B2B sector of capital goods. 

Design Means Business 2013

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15 October 2013


A National Conference promoting the Value of Design

‘Design Means Business’ is a National Conference designed to communicate and advance the value and benefits of design to businesses and the wider community.

Over two days, the conference aims to Inspire and Support Businesses to engage with design practices and practitioners through Passionate Keynote Speakers and Interactive Workshops and Master Classes.

This years conference takes place in October and speakers include senior designers from major industrial companies, Top Design Agencies and Leading Practitioners, sharing their experiences of design and how it has impacted the bottom line.

When: Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th October 2013
Programme 2013: click here
click here 
Where: The Sage, Gateshead
Visit website: click here

DMB have just released a fantastic LAST MINUTE TICKET DEAL available to anyone who is interested in attending this October's conference!
2 Day Ticket Now £95.00
1 Day Ticket Now
(Tickets are plus VAT)
To book your ticket click here


Red Dot stages gaming congress in Berlin: "Success by Game Design: Transmedia Challenges and Potentials”

How can the success factors of gaming be used across sectors? On 17 October 2013 the Red Dot Design Museum hosts a congress on the economic and cultural potential of game design in other markets, taking place at the legendary Café Moskau in Berlin. “Game Master” Dr. Linda Breitlauch, Professor of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, will accompany the guests through the topics of gamification, serious games, technology transfer and transmedia.

The experienced Red Dot juror highlights the importance of game design and its influence on other markets. With the congress she wants to increase the game industry’s economic output: “The enormous potential of one of the biggest entertainment markets will be exploited further: Beyond the entertainment aspect, gaming technologies offer a variety of possibilities in the field of economy, culture, education and science. Nowadays, the creative industries need to pay special attention to this challenge.”

The exclusive convention is meant to show agencies, freelancers and inhouse creatives to what extend game design has an impact on advertising and industry. Ultimately, the speakers’ aim is to expose in how far the success factor of gaming can be used optimally across sectors. Besides experts from the international games industry, winners of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013 also have the chance to participate in the conference.

Until 24 May creative minds have the opportunity to enter in 21 different categories to compete against the best within the communications industry. Be it designers, agencies, employers or talented newcomers – the international quality seal Red Dot guarantees worldwide interest and impresses partners, media, industry insiders as well as clients.

Event information:
Conference "Success by Game Design: Transmedia Challenges and Potentials”
17. October 2013 / from 9.30 am to 4 pm
Café Moskau Berlin (Karl-Marx-Allee 34, 10178 Berlin)

The conference is co-financed in the course of the EU project “Redi” (when Regions support Entrepreneurs and Designers to Innovate)

For more information:

PR Management:

Verena Lissek

Red Dot Design Award

Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

Gelsenkirchener Str. 181

45309 Essen


Tel. +49 (0)201 30 10 4-50

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

13_BDWinNYT“On the Verge | Belgrade's Awakening” - New York Times headlines"

Belgrade Design Week helped create a completely new view of the Serbian capital to one of the world's most respectable media companies

Positive news about Serbia and Belgrade is rare, especially if it is professional or analytical. The framework of this year's international Belgrade Design Week - BDW - one of the world's premier professional events in the field of creative industries, helped the reporters of the New York Times to be inspired by a burgeoning Serbian creative scene; they shared their findings in the fields of general travel appeal, the particular gastronomy and the hospitality of Belgrade, but in particular the bold new projects that mark the art, architecture, and design developments of the city.

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