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Mission: User

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14 April 2015

8 13Mission: User - design & policy in focus, 14 April 2015

SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, are to host a conference, Mission: User, which will address how design can be used in policymaking and to create better services within the public sector.

REDI Conference 10 March 2015

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10 March 2015

4 13REDI (Regions support Entrepreneurs and Designers to Innovate) is a programme which aims to sustain territorial “ecosystems” that stimulate innovation through design. They share their experiences and explore the use of innovation in existing initiatives in this conference.

4 14Overview of REDI final conference: Go! Go! Go!

REDI share the results of their thirty month programme in this report on their final conference, which took place in Brussels on March 10th.

Contact BEDA  Koloniënstraat 56, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) t. (+32) 2 217 39 77  f. (+32) 2 217 99 72
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