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18 September 2014
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10 16 activebydesign Active by Design: improving the nation’s health step by step. 18 September, London
Physical inactivity costs the UK economy approximately £20 billion every year, but it is also costing the UK its physical wellbeing. The lack of physical activity leads to around 37,000 premature deaths a year in the UK, with the nation’s children likely to have lower life expectancy than us.

The Design Council’s newly launched Active by Design initiative will promote the use of good design to encourage greater levels of daily physical activity and increase access to healthy, nutritious food. By focusing on the design of buildings and public spaces in cities and towns, and integrating a wide range of professionals - from planners to health service professionals, developers and many others, the Design Council believes it can set pulses racing and get the nation moving.

The Active by Design Conference on 18 September in London will be the first step towards building these relationships, featuring speakers from Nike, White Arkitektur and PearsonLloyd.

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