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Home Sweet Home

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25 September 2015

10 16Budapest Design Week 2015: Home Sweet Home

Organised for the 12th time this year, Budapest Design Week takes place between 25th September and 4th October with programmes ranging from exhibitions through workshops and presentations to design tours.


Published in Design Weeks
21 November 2014

15 12The reflection or mirror image is the thread running through Reflections. In Reflections, we not only takes shape in mirrors but also in objects and surfaces created by glass and polished metal, showing the light reflecting qualities of both and the way mirror images emerge literally and incidentally. One of the motivating contexts of Reflections is Belgium’s history-making relationship with glass that continues to this day. Over a century ago, in 1903, Belgian engineers Emile Fourcault and Emile Gobbe invented the first mechanical system for the production of glass: the automatic vertical pulling of glass.

14 12What is design?
Basically, everything around us. "It's not true that we are surrounded only by politics or trade, as it seems when you open a newspaper" - Jaime Hayon famously concluded at the 2010 BDW -"That makes only 1%, while 99% is design". The stuff created by someone to help us with any thinkable function in everyday’s life, cover and protect us, transport us, teach us, feed us... to make us happy, help us evolve, inspire us... Design is a fundamental tool for shaping a society in the 21st century, to support our communities and generate new jobs. The true story of our time is, in fact, that every single creative person is a potential business start-up, which creates new value. A country that doesn’t use these tools is in trouble.

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