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Usability Award: Public Choice 2014 You are invited to vote for the “Usability Award: Public Choice 2014”.

Users from around the world may select one of 30 products, nominated for the Award by an expert jury. Voting is open until October 31, 2014, and the Public Choice Winner will be announced in early November 2014.

1 BDC24-25 April 2014, Barcelona: The Final Event of the Interreg IVC project Design-led Innovations for Active Ageing

The Design-led Innovations for Active Ageing project (DAA) brought together eight European cities to come up with sustainable solutions for an ageing demographic. The project’s goal was to contribute to social innovation and public sector transformation in the field of senior care. Service design experts worked with experienced senior care specialists and other stakeholders to come up with new solutions.

Leading Business By Design

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12 February 2014

8_LeadingBusinessbyDesign3Leading Business by Design
12 February 2014

Few would contest that creativity is an essential attribute for modern businesses competing in a global market. Design approaches are widely and successfully used to generate innovative products and services. But design’s more strategic role at boardroom level is less well-understood: can the approach also create business growth and bring other long-term benefits?

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