Munich Creative Business Week 2017

4 March 2017
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Munich Creative Business Week 2017Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), scheduled to take place from March 4 to 12, 2017, once again confirms its position as Germany’s major design event with an outstanding programme.

The 6th edition of this design week will focus on the idea of “Design Connects – The Smart Revolution”. “Like a silent hurricane, design turns our everyday life upside down: the greatest of technical revolutions known to mankind. But how can we influence this revolution for it to include everyone? How can we design this digital revolution in such a way that it does not turn against the freedom and sovereignty of humankind?

For this endeavour to be successful as well as exciting, we need design – Smart Design”, said Dr Silke Claus, chief executive of Bayern design GmbH, organiser of MCBW. Numerous conferences and exhibitions will complete the programme of MCBW 2017 and present a broad range of varied events for both experts and interested laymen alike. As a result and to the delight of MCBW’s organiser bayern design, domestic and international interest has been growing steadily.

This year’s partner country will be the Republic of Korea and this Far Eastern nation of designers will offer numerous insights into its traditions, crafts and day-to-day life with conferences, exhibitions and keynote speeches. After a scheduled pause of one year, the biannual Bavarian Award for Young Designers will once again be presented during MCBW.

The annual conference for editorial design, formerly known as QVED, will now take place under its new name EDCH. And MCBW START UP, successfully heading into its third edition in 2017, will be presented at a new venue – at Muffathalle, located opposite of MCBW’s new centre, the MCBW Forum on Museum Island. In more than 200 events, the design week programme offers an ample choice for creative minds, clients and design aficionados.

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