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8_7th_TriennialDesign Vlaanderen, together with C-Mine Genk and Design Hub Limburg, will organize the 7th triennial for design in Flanders. The main theme of this edition is Conflict and Design. The 7th triennial for Design will be held at C-Mine Genk from the 14th December 2013 until early March 2014. The exhibition will be curated by Kurt Vanbelleghem, professor at St Lucas University College of Art & Design Brussels. 

This Triennial presents concepts, projects, objects and processes which are primarily created within relatively new developments in design such as user-centered design, social design, participation design, process design, sustainable design, ethical design etc.

A conflict in itself, as an event, is rarely regarded as something positive but it is a necessary incentive for future innovations. It is basically defining the way in which humanity continues to evolve. In this process, a designer can play an extremely important role. He designs with this particular awareness in mind. The focus of this triennial is specifically on the social impact of design, on the need for good design that creates solutions for conflicts, for design based on observation and participation. This exhibition is focusing on design with a clear socio-political goal: creating a better living and working world.

The Triennial officially starts with several workshops to bring designers, government, industry and students together to think about conflicts we encounter in our society. These workshops will be held at C-Mine, Genk on the 27th and 28th of March 2013. Registration is required.

For further information please visit:

N.b. the workshops are in Dutch or English.

Robert Novák

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21 May 2013


"Robert V. Novák, graphic design from Czechia" exhibition at Aiap Gallery.

Aiap, the Italian Association of visual communication design has collaborated with the Czech Centre in Milan to show the works of Robert Novák, one of the most important designers in the panorama of contemporary Czech graphic design.

The exhibition brings together a selection of projects carried out in 23 years of working for cultural institutions (galleries, theatres) and editorial publications. Novak will give a lecture about his work at the exhibition opening.

Robert V. Novák (Prague, 1962)
Novak is self-taught. Until 1990 he worked as a lithographer, photo-composer and technical press. From 1990 he worked in the context of graphic publishing for cultural projects (posters, books, exhibition catalogues, equipment), for the Langhans Gallery Prague, Galerie Rudolfinum, the Moravian Gallery in Brno, the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen, the National Gallery Prague, Arbor Vitae, Kant and others. Since 1993 he has twice won first place for graphic design in the Czech Grand Design Competition for the design of film posters. The books Memento Mori (Vaclav Jirasek, Robert V. Novák, Ivan Pinkava) and Vanitas (Joel-Peter Witkin) were included among the most important photography books from 2001 to 2012. In addition to graphic design he practices photography.

Address: AIAP Gallery, via Amilcare Ponchielli, 3, 20129 Milan
Dates: 21/05 to 31/05/ 2013
Tuesday 21st of May 2013, h 18.30
For further information please visit:

Internation & Business Focus

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14 March 2013

5_CiteduDesignA Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2013

Information about Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2013 (France), taking place between 14th
and 31st March 2013, is now available: 

There are more than 70 exhibitions, experiments, installations and events to explore
, including: 

The first edition of Design & Innovation Forum on March 14th and 15th (for professionals (registration
fee)): participants will take part in conferences, round-tables and workshops. They will share their ideas on the evolution of the role of the user in design, and will experiment with techniques of co-creation. 

Les Labos:
a space offered to 12 companies, entirely devoted to experiments with users. The public is invited to become involved in a participative process. Prototypes and innovative products will be showcased by the selected enterprises. The companies will record the comments resulting from the visitors' involvement. This will allow the designers, who will be present during the nineteen days of the event, to continue their work on identifying the needs of tomorrow.

Forum UNESCO Creative Cities of Design Saint-Etienne 2013 with a Symposium EmpathiCITY, Making our City Together on March 14th (free entry) : From 13th to 17th March, all the UNESCO Creative Cities of Design will be gathered in Saint-Etienne for a special programme: a big exhibition, meetings, workshops, and the EmpathiCITY symposium  on 14th March : an opportunity to assess the results of the actions undertaken by the cities participating in the network.

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