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Wood Works

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14 February 2014

18_WoodWorksWood Works – exhibition at the Design Flanders Gallery, 14/02/2014 - 13/04/2014

As you might suspect from the title, all of the objects in the ‘Wood, the new gold’ exhibition are made using wood. Wood plays an essential role in each of them, either due to its technical properties, or because of its exceptional tactility, texture and natural beauty - whether it is used in industrial products, or in furniture and other utilitarian objects with a small production run, or in unique, one-off pieces.

Design that Makes a Difference

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24 January 2014

10 NorwegianDesignCouncilDesign that Makes a Difference

20 projects drawn from Norway and the UK provide a snapshot of the developing practice of socially inclusive design. Demonstrating the benefits of people-centred design thinking, this exhibition showcases projects ranging from passenger ferries and hotel chains to government websites, voting systems and community-led initiatives.

The travelling exhibition ‘Design that Makes a Difference’, initiated by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in the UK, started out at the Royal College of Art and was later shown at the Mayors Office in London and the University of Cambridge. In January and February the projects were exhibited in Oslo at DogA - the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture and introduced by the Council’s Managing Director Jan R. Stavik.

It is curated by the Norwegian Design Council and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the RCA, building on a seven-year partnership that includes conferences, publications, design projects and executive education. Drawing on this history of collaboration, the exhibition builds on a book published in 2010 by the Norwegian Design Council; Innovating with People: The Business of Inclusive Design that advocates the importance of an inclusive approach in business.

- We have made good progress in developing inclusive design in Norway. For me this is about an easier life for everyone. We have made accessible transport, airports, ferry terminals, ports and entrances to public buildings, making it easier for everyone to get around without special solutions, says the Norwegian Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Solveig Horne, who officially opened the exhibition in Oslo, 24 January 2014.

Curator Onny Eikhaug says that there has been a tremendous development in inclusive design in recent years. She is responsible for the Innovation Programme Innovation for All the Norwegian Design Council.

- Some of the world's foremost experts on inclusive design and architecture are inspired by the Nordic model of social equality when developing new solutions. Just by putting a range of different users at the centre of the process, we end up with innovative products, services and environments that are radically better than those that already exist, says Eikhaug.

"This exhibition is not just about inclusive design, it's really about good and effective design. It shows how design can make the world work better. For me it's inspirational and generates great optimism about our future. It's a 'must-see' for any designer who wants to make a real difference". Michael Wolff

View videos from the seminar when the exhibition visited Oslo in January:

To download the exhibition brochure:

Conflict & Design

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15 December 2013

17_DesignFlandersConflictConflict & Design

This winter, from 15 December 2013 through 9 March 2014, Design Flanders is organising “Conflict & Design”, the 7th edition of the Design Triennial in Flanders, in association with C-mine Genk and Innovatie & Design Euregio.

This triennial, under the artistic management of curator Kurt Vanbelleghem, focuses on the way designers approach conflict situations and on the impact their designs have on our society. Moreover, “conflict” motivates them to create innovative social design processes and projects. It affords their work substance and meaning.

The exhibition provides food for thought about how, in the (near) future, we will be obliged to interact with each other and manage our natural resources in fundamentally different ways.

The participating designers display fascinating presentations of their work, each from their own specific perspective, in which they apply new methods and ways of thinking to contemporary design. They demonstrate how, through their design process, they offer solutions for all types of conflicts, from social conflicts between people to conflicts with nature, in the current economic situation and in a disjointed society. A conflict is seldom or never viewed as something positive, but appears to be a necessary driving force for innovation. Not innovation for the sake of innovation, but rather design with a clear social-societal objective: creating a better living, social and working climate.

In a nutshell, “Conflict & Design” is a dynamic project that is not limited to presenting work, but one in which design thinking and design processes are paramount, with the aim of also actively involving the public in the project as a whole. Don’t miss out!

Conflict & Design, the 7th Design Triennial in Flanders
Date: 15.12.2013 – 09.03.2014
Every day from 10am to 7pm. Closed on holidays
Entry: Free of charge

Contact BEDA  Koloniënstraat 56, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) t. (+32) 2 217 39 77  f. (+32) 2 217 99 72
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