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Innovation ID

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30 March 2016

ID2016 v2Design has proven to be a dynamic tool for innovation. The European Commission has recognised design as a key driver of innovation for bringing user-friendly products to the market and for making both private and public services better correspond to user needs. However, many SMEs are not yet aware of the advantages design can bring to their company and they lack the necessary design management skills. Moreover, as stated in the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative, although some European countries are world leaders in design, others lack a robust design infrastructure and design capability.

The one-day conference ‘Innovation ID’ will give attendees the opportunity to discover how design can help business innovate, grow and be more competitive in a globalised economy. The conference is specially targeted to SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as to business intermediaries. Participants will get a deep understanding of what design is, how it is implemented and how it works in practice. Some methodologies will be explained in detail. Moreover, attendees will hear from practical examples of business and organisations that are using design.

19 OrnamoAward2016Ornamo have announced the candidates for their 2016 Award, which recognises the best in current design and industrial art.

The candidates, selected by the Board of Directors of the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo, are textile firm Saana ja Olli, automotive designer Pasi Pennanen and textile designer Pirjo Kääriäinen.

Printeriors 2016

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8 March 2016

Printeriors 2016Bring your interiors to life with print at Printeriors 2016

BEDA members are invited to join fellow interior and décor professionals, architects, designers and specifiers the RAI, Amsterdam from 8-11 March to discover how print can be used to create incredible talking points.

9 18Creating Ultra Personalized Products & Services: UPPS

CLICKNL explore the future of large scale customizable product design at Munich Business Design Week. Combining the Creative Industries’ user-centred design approach with Smart Industries’ technologies creates new opportunities for developing Ultra Personalized Products and Services (UPPS).

MCBW 2016

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20 February 2016

13 18MCBW 2016 – Design Connects Visions For Economy, 20th - 28th February 2016, Munich

Since its inception, Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), the largest design event held in Germany for designers and contractors, has become one of the main attractions for top international designers, architects, creative people, business and economic sector representatives and all those who have a general interest in design. The reason: MCBW clearly is aimed at engaging people with design and its relevance to society, culture and the economy.

DEA 1861 proud agency and client partnerships were recognised at the 2016 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards ceremony at London’s Tobacco Dock on 11th February.

Over the past 27 years, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards have built up a wealth of evidence that design is an economic force and source of global influence.

User-Centred Design

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17 February 2016

3 18User-Centred Design, a Cité du design characteristic

The Cité du design offers an efficient platform for thinking practices, needs and uses. They share with BEDA members their methods for updating the way design contributes to the emergence of new dynamics in multiple contemporary domains.

The Cité du design is a European Centre of Competence and lead of the BEDA Cluster dedicated to User-Centred Design. It is a cluster of excellence in design, bringing together research and development activities as well as design promotion.

EC contract for Design Council

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17 February 2016

6b 18Design Council has been awarded a four-year framework contract and will work for the European Commission to support the application of a design-led approach to policy formulation and implementation.

The challenge faced by policymakers the world over is needing to do more with less, while at the same time meeting greater expectations of what the state can deliver.

The Power of Clusters

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17 February 2016

2 18 ECC BEDAThe power of clusters – could your organization join a BEDA Cluster?

Share your organisation’s expertise and develop your competences through BEDA’s Clusters.

Those of you who attended BEDA’s GA+ in Milan in June last year will remember a lot of discussion about BEDA’s idea of inviting members to join various competence or knowledge Clusters.

BEDA Insight Forum 2015

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17 February 2016

1 18BEDA Insight Forum 2015 – Putting users first

This inaugural forum, which took place in Brussels in December 2015, is a key activity within BEDA Integrates, one of four distinct strands of the BEDA ‘Design Europe 2021’ project, which promotes and strengthens design for cultural and creative growth across Europe. The aim of the forum is to achieve insight into how design, as an approach and a strategy, can help and improve the way that policy is made to the benefit of the citizens of Europe.

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