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3 16The German Design Council announce an international congress happening in November, which will consider best practice in policy and strategy, the value of design, research and business.

6 17Design/Industry crossover at DRIVE festival

At the DRIVE festival, THE Dutch Design Research & innovation festival for the creative industries held during the Dutch Design Week, the themes were design/industry cross-overs and the circular economy.

2 17BEDA organises a survey of Design Remuneration tools within the EU

BEDA's professional Working Group aims to explore the methods, sources and/or tools available to professional designers of different disciplines, in different member states, to calculate their charge out rates.

SHAPE Better Services

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10 November 2015

3 17European House of Design Management: SHAPE Better Services successfully launched

A new user-friendly, online, tailor made design management resource, enabling public sector change-makers with a tool to innovate and develop the services they deliver, was launched at the European Commission in September.

5 17BEDA report on ICSID’s blueprint for change

BEDA board member Judit Varhelyi recently attended the 29th General Assembly of Icsid in GwangJu; she reports on their new vision for harnessing industrial design to address world problems.

The Design Economy

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10 November 2015

1 17The Design Economy: New report highlights the £71.7bn contribution of design to the UK economy

Design Council has published new research into the contribution and value of design across the UK economy, redefining the parameters and extent to which design is seen as a driving force for economic growth.

Design Drives Business

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10 November 2015

4 17Design for Europe: Design Drives Business

Design for Europe have interviewed some of the leading experts on the field for a new short video about changing the role of design in business.

Participants include Stefano Marzano from Philips, Christian Bason from the Danish Design Centre and Anne Stenros from KONE.

Watch the video:

Ornamo economic survey

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10 November 2015

7 17Ornamo economic survey: demand for design products declines

According to Ornamo’s latest economic survey, conducted in June 2015, growth in the design sector will be increasingly focused on firms providing design services. At the same time, the turnover of enterprises manufacturing traditional design products is on the decline.

The total turnover of Finnish design enterprises was 3.2 billion euros in 2013, down from 2012, when the design sector turnover was 3.37 billion euros. The decline is mainly due to a 5-percent drop in the turnover of the manufacturing design industry from the previous year. Read more:

8 17Ecodesign and low-carbon mobility leasing: new circular business models

PDR explain how they are working with Welsh low-carbon mobility company Riversimple to explore new circular business models.

BNO’s new magazine DUDE

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9 November 2015

10 17BNO’s new magazine DUDE now available online and in English

In the first English edition of their new design magazine, BNO explore ‘business your design’ and map creative industries organisations.

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