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Dutch Creative Industries

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9 July 2012


Federation of Dutch Creative Industries (FDCI) 

Towards the end of 2009, BNO took the initiative to establish the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries: a collaborative framework spanning eight trade and professional associations, representing the entire field of Dutch creative industries. Members of the federation are: architects, interior architects, fashion designers, game designers, photographers, advertisement designers, and full-service Internet agencies. The Federation was established to actively promote the interests of the organised segment of the commercial creative industry.

Through the eight member organisations, the Federation now represents over 6000 individual members and 2500 creative enterprises, which jointly contribute more than €11 billion to the gross national product.The Federation of Dutch Creative Industries is the connecting link between the member representatives of the creative sub-sectors.

The Federation also acts as discussion partner for the government, sectorial organisations and ventures, implementing agencies, educational institutes and the business community, whenever relevant to or required by the sector’s interests.

The creative industry plays a key part in building a sustainable and innovative society in the Netherlands. With its advanced creative industry, educational sector and open society, the Netherlands is well positioned to achieve a solid head start. The Dutch government sets great store by an effectively operating creative industry, and it expects the industry to contribute substantially to the innovative capacity of the Dutch economy. The government has therefore adopted a large number of the Federation’s action points. One of the priorities is to establish a ‘Creative Council’, as an independent advisory body. The Council will not only be tasked with coordinating the agenda for the creative industry but will also provide for a clear and transparent infrastructure.

The Federation advocates creating more room for newer forms of innovation, for example through crowdsourcing and crowd funding, and knowledge development through cooperative frameworks (innovation cooperation). To boost the competitive power of creative companies also requires a greater understanding of the sector itself, which in turn demands further research.

The Dutch creative industry has always been well organised. The establishment of the Federation of Creative Industries takes this a significant step further. Throughout Europe, the organisation of the Dutch creative industry is often held up as an example. The Federation will intensify its contacts with the European Commission in order to better utilise the opportunities available there, and in doing so it counts on the support of the Dutch government.


Hands that Draw the Future: Ornamo 100 Years jubilee exhibition, 16 June – 5 August 2012

Designers have always designed the future, giving shape to something that did not exist before. Every design seeks to be a step towards a better world – happier, more beautiful, intelligent, and just. The Hands that Draw the Future exhibition tells the story of design from modernism to the future, through objects selected by designers and users. From the design objects of the past hundred years, design professionals have chosen gems of Finnish design that hold a personal meaning for them - familiar as well as unexpected objects and concepts that have revolutionised the life of designers or their way of thinking: ao. Pelago bicycles (Timo & Mikko Hyppönen), Kasaa cardboard shelf (Järvi+Ruoho), OK Do (Anni Puolakka & Jenna Sutela), Pikkujakkala stool (Pekka Harni), Savoy tableware (Karin Widnäs), Daniel Palillo, Ilona Rista, Saara Lepokorpi…

With the Hands that Draw the Future exhibition, Ornamo - the Finnish Association of Designers, celebrates its first centenary. Ornamo is the second oldest design organisation in the world, with members working in industrial, textile, fashion and furniture design, interior architecture as well as art and crafts.

The exhibition was part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme.
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Invitation for the Design Days in Brussels on 6-7 and 8 June 2012 in Brussels

Vleva  & Design Flanders organise Design Days 2012 in co-operation with ERRIN and the Regions Central Denmark and the Helsinki EU Office.

The plenary meeting of the 7th of  June 2012 will take place in room  ”De Schelp” of the Flemish Parlement.


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4_HelsinkiCitiesOn 24 May 2012, the new Helsinki Music Centre hosted the Cities for All Helsinki Conference, the annual conference of EIDD – Design for All Europe, which this year took place within the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme, and attracted participants from all over Europe.


Cities for All Helsinki Conference and Exhibition 24 May 2012 

Accessibility is a matter of design. The international expert conference provides an opportunity for the distribution and dissemination of examples related to the subject, as well as high-level information. The aim of the conference is to show how the Design for All method can offer concrete solutions to global challenges, such as ageing populations and sustainable development.

The conference creates a comprehensive Design for All experience, as well as provides latest information, inspiration and enthusiasm in the fields of freedom from barriers and accessibility. The event itself forms a pilot example of a conference executed with easy access for all.

The Cities for All Helsinki conference is organised in conjunction with the General Assembly meeting of the Design for All Europe EIDD organisation. The conference will also be accompanied by an exhibition of invited designers of Finnish solutions. The exhibition is designed with a view to an international tour.

The conference is intended for construction industry professionals, municipal and private sector building contractors, city and company executives, as well as developers and students.

When: 24 May 2012
Where: Helsinki Music Centre 
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Cities for All Helsinki 2012 CALL FOR EXHIBITORS
Cities for All Helsinki Exhibition is seeking a selection of the most interesting Design for All solutions in the areas of built environment, product design and service design.

Please send your proposals no later than 30th November 2011 to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Accepted proposals to the exhibition will cost € 2000/ case.

Find proposal form from Cities for All Helsinki 2012 website:

Norway's Design Day 2012

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18 April 2012


Design Day 2012

Mark the date 18th April 2012! This is when we open the doors to our national Design Day - Norway's largest network arena for the business and design community.

The Design Day is Norway's main event focusing on design in a business perspective. It will be a full day (and night) with international speakers and a highlight on Norwegian design projects receiving the Award for Design Excellence. This is The Day for inspiration, celebration and networking.

Program and registration will be published in January 2012. The event will mainly be in Norwegian, partly in English.

When: 18 April 2012
Time: 11.00am - 1am
Where: DogA Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Hausmanns gt 16 in Oslo 
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Craft in an Age of Change - February 2012

Craft in an Age of Change is a major survey of contemporary craft at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. It examines the place of craft in the creative economy and the working patterns of makers and other craft professionals.

For more details, see attached link below.

European Conference Paris

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9 January 2012


APCI is organizing its 9th international conference on the challenges of design support in Europe.

Small Actions / Big Picture / Solid Change

In the light of the social and economical situation, we are building an even more exiting programme for this year.

The first day of the conference will focus on the concrete support to integrating design in SMEs. We won’t discuss the programmes, but the day to day delivery and management of design advise to businesses. How is it done, monitored, evaluated ? We aim at gathering both advisors and some businesses to discuss openly the methodologies.

As usual, the second day opens up to a bigger picture. A lot has happened recently: Fukushima, the endless meltdown of the greek economy, the Arab revolutions etc. in addition to the stronger confirmation that the global warming is not a hypothesis, but  an issue.

What all these things have in common is that they have systemic consequences: on energy management, the economy, our housing and food. There has been a time where the design profession was claiming that these systems should be looked as designed: organisation and ethics (their purpose, their governance) had to be mixed. Does the design profession has something big to claim again ? After all, isn’t design becoming a “buzzword”, used by more and more people who neither practice nor prescribe it ? But can the design discipline learn from some projects that are effective at addressing societal issues, as if they had been designed tacitly ? We will bring on the stage surprising speakers, with effective experience too share with us.

When: Monday 9 & Tuesday 10 January 2012 
Where: Auditorium, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris
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BEDA Members discount rate: BEDA Members can get a discount of 140€ off the full rate of 540€. To get your discount code please email BEDA Administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congratulations to Vesna Brekalo

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15 November 2011


Vesna Brekalo of DOS, Slovenia and member of BEDA has been appointed a vice president of the Icograda Executive Board.

Delegates to the Icograda General Assembly in Taipei elected an historic Executive Board to lead the Council in its 50 anniversary term. Representing more than 200 organisations in 67 countries globally, the 10 person board will be led by Leimei Julia Chiu (Japan), who becomes Icograda’s first female President. For the first time in Icograda’s almost 50 year history, the board includes a majority of women members.

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BDW becomes a member of BEDA

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7 November 2011


BDW becomes a member of Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA)

Belgrade Design Week is the first festival of this kind in the entire SEE region to acquire BEDA's membership, among more than forty design associations, regional and national design promotion centers and councils, as well as design education institutions.

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