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8 17Ecodesign and low-carbon mobility leasing: new circular business models

PDR explain how they are working with Welsh low-carbon mobility company Riversimple to explore new circular business models.

BNO’s new magazine DUDE

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9 November 2015

10 17BNO’s new magazine DUDE now available online and in English

In the first English edition of their new design magazine, BNO explore ‘business your design’ and map creative industries organisations.

13 172015 Henry van de Velde Labels announced

Nineteen products have been awarded Henry van de Velde Labels for good design this year, after a rigorous selection and testing process involving over 200 submissions.

Design Forum Finland @ Slush

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9 November 2015

14 17Design Forum Finland @ Slush 2015, Nov 11-12

DFF explore "Why design should be in every company's DNA" as they host a networking event at Slush 2015 in Helsinki this November

Slush is the focal point for startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and the media. In 2014, Slush brought together over 14.000 attendees and more than 3500 companies for the two-day event.

iF promotes young talent

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9 November 2015

15 17iF promotes young talent with five design competitions

iF is deeply committed to promoting young new designers from all over the world – with the aim of establishing connections between the young designers and business and industry. They announce details of five exciting competitions.

Design Bulldozer starts again

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2 November 2015

9 17Estonian Design Centre will launch Design Bulldozer vol 2 this November.

The project, which aims to improve companies’ economic prospects through the use of design, will run over a nine month period, during which five production companies, five design managers and five design agencies will work together.

List your design association

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1 November 2015

15 16List your design association / organizations in the new iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE

BEDA’s members are invited to list themselves – and their members – in the all-new guide. In November 2015 iF will launch the new iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE.

“It starts with business”

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22 October 2015

7 16CLICK NL have developed an extensive education programme to help designers understand the role of design in the circular economy, which is also the focus of this year’s DRIVE festival

“It starts with business”. This appears to be the most urgent lesson designers need to learn when designing products and services that fit a circular economy.

1 Drive 180515CLICKNL DRIVE, the Design Research & Innovation Festival for the creative industry, will be held for the second time in Eindhoven on October 21 and 22 during the annual Dutch Design Week.

23 15Good ideas move the world. Good projects change our society. Online applications for this award can be made until 15 October 2015 at

With the newly launched iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD competition, iF wants to put the focus on projects that offer solutions to the pressing issues of our time and that advance our society.

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