Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle (APCI)

Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle (APCI)

Our Vision:

The APCI is part of the international movement that recognises design as a key factor in business competitiveness as well as economic, social and cultural innovation.  Its general objectives include:

  • Making companies aware of the role of design in the innovation process, in particular in sectors where design is still underdeveloped;
  • Informing the public and encouraging it to request well-designed products;
  • Developing the public authorities’ use of design to improve the quality of life;
  • Improving awareness of the design offer in France and supporting its development;
  • Ensuring the promotion of design in France and French design abroad.
The APCI develops permanent promotional and design actions and makes good use of its expertise and that of its networks, in France and abroad, in fulfilling specific actions on  its partners’ request or of its own initiative.

Its modus operandi: a small permanent team, working with expert networks.
What we do:

Created in 1983 on the initiative of the ministers responsible for industry and culture, to contribute to the bringing together of culture, research and industry, and having become entirely private in 1993, the APCI, in collaboration with its members and its partners, develops tools and group actions that provoked the economic, social and cultural aspects of French design in France and abroad.