Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visiva (AIAP)

Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visiva (AIAP)

Our Vision:

AIAP Associazione Italiana design della comunicazione visiva, aimed at promoting and spreading the use and development of the profession and the culture of graphic design. In fact, it may be associated with different modes of membership and distinct, all those whose business, professional research and study, takes place in the field of graphic design. The categories of membership all'AIAP reflect these two broad areas of representation, on one side the area proper training (professional members, senior and junior), the other area of cultural interest and/or training in the field of project graphics (student members, associate and supporter).

Founded in 1945 within the FIP as an ATAPI (Technical Association of Artists and Advertising), the AIAP starts over the years a process of maturation of the membership form and definition of the professional who wants to represent. In 1955 becomes AIAP (acronym will remain unchanged over the years, and originally meant the Italian Association of Advertising Artists), distinguished by the technical component of advertising.

What we do:

The AIAP is present throughout Italy, currently about 800 professionals and associates of visual communication. Alongside a series of the Steering Committees and Working Groups work on a regional scale.

The AIAP part because of its bylaws, the rules of access and ethics, consistent with the principles of Beda, among those organisations that already included in the database on the new professions of CNEL, will be officially recognised when they are in place for implementing rules of the law transposing the EC directive.

The publishing AIAP
In addition to the Guide to fees, public Aiap Graphic Design, a magazine that offers information on the activities of the association, but also insights into the culture of graphic design. It is sent free to members and is distributed outside the Association. Now the magazine has a new project, new double directors and is written in Italian and in English. It’s also available in a digital version (

Both the Guide to Graphic design fees that can be purchased in the online library AIAP. This focus on publishing critical and defining the profession has always been pursued dall'Aiap. He promoted, in fact, until 1992 graphics, the first major review of theory, history and methodology published in Italy, the magazine has supported Aiap Calligraphy, an instrument of renewal and provincialization the debate on writing and typography. Currently, advocacy and supports Aiap Scriptures, Italian publishing series devoted to theoretical and critical reflection of the culture of graphic design. AIAP has also initiated a constant publication of catalogues and books of depth through the establishment of its own publishing industry: Aiap Editions, which today has a large catalogue of unique and original publications. 

AIAP promotes its activities and pursues its objectives via numerous channels and besides that catalogs, publications, exhibitions, educational activities and the organization of events as AIAP Design Per, an International Graphic Design Week ( every year held in a different Italian cities (Naples 2009, Bologna 2010, Cagliari 2011, Treviso 2012).

Last but not least important for online communication. AIAP has the official website of the Association and supports the magazine online aiapzine (, ensued to SocialDesignZine a daily review of testimony, reports, comments, thoughts, news, graphics and typo tour on the project with its print editions Italic (Italic 01, 02) and Site Design Italic.

23/09/2017 to 01/10/2017

Every year since 2003 AIAP, the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design, has organised and promoted a major event, which name is AIAP DESIGN PER. This name – meaning Design FOR – refers to the variety of areas in which design is involved: design FOR culture, FOR information, FOR society, FOR territorial identity, FOR sustainability… The 2017 edition of AIAP DESIGN PER explores the topic of Visible Cultures. More information: